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Rate My Professor site commends alum

By: Nick Mason, Staff Writer

Community College of Baltimore County in Essex Professor Anthony Calise, a Towson alum, was recently ranked as Rate My Professor’s number one “highest rated junior and community college professor” for his performance last year.

Calise graduated from Towson University in January 2002 with a degree in mathematics.

“Just make sure you have a love for not just math, but teaching in general,” Calise said. “It’s something you have to have a passion for. There are challenges every day and you have to come up with solutions to problems on a daily basis.”

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MSA cleans up community

By: Mary-Ellen Davis, Staff Writer

Led by the Muslim Student Association, a group of about 20 students came together Friday afternoon after Jumu’ah Prayer to walk around Towson picking up trash.

“I think the main purpose of it is to help the entire community and to help the ecosystem,” MSA President Osama Hassan said. “A lot of the members of the MSA are in the sciences or have taken a lot of science classes, so we know the environmental aspects and the effect that trash can have on the environment.”

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Q&A with the ELC’s Shelley Etzine

What made you want to become an English language specialist?

My undergraduate degree was in English literature. I majored in English literature and I’m actually from South Africa. I also love people, in fact, when I did my aptitude test, they said to me that I should go into something like health professions — like social work, occupational therapy or something like that. I also really loved the arts: theatre, music and I really wanted to have a career in arts management, but when I finished my degree I got a graduate degree in personal management and training and with my first job I gravitated toward the training aspect of it, not the interviewing or HR aspect of it.

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Campus works to prevent hazing

By: Amanda Carroll, Contributing Writer

Risk Management Consultant Gentry McCreary, who works with the National Center for Higher Education, explained that hazing is more than just fraternity and sorority problem and charged students with eradicating the harmful behavior during an address in the West Village Commons Thursday night.

McCreary said that hazing also happens in high schools, arts organizations, sports teams and other unexpected environments outside of college Greek Life.

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Towson to start “anchor scan”

By: Cody Boteler, Editor-in-Chief

President Kim Schatzel announced Tuesday a new partnership with Margrave Strategies, a Columbia-based firm, to “chart [the university’s] path into the future and into the next decade.”

“We are an anchor institution for Towson, the county and greater Baltimore,” Schatzel said in a Monday interview. “We already have connections and we already have strong impact. This is about making our leadership stronger.”

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Towson Freedom School holds first meeting

By: Sarah Rowan, News Editor

Towson Freedom School members met to discuss the differences between organizing and activism at their first meeting Sept. 22 in the Lecture Hall.

Coordinator of Baltimore Bloc Ralikh Hayes led the conversation, and encouraged attendees to create their own definitions for the terms. According to Hayes, who considers himself an organizer, there is a definite line between the two.

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Town hall updates community on demands

By: Bailey Hendricks, Staff Writer

Towson’s Student Government Association and the Division of Student Affairs held a “Be Heard” town hall-style meeting Sept. 21 in West Village to discuss progress on the demands from the November 2015 #OccupyTowson sit-in.

“I think it’s important to have continued dialogue.” SGA President Taylor James said. “Some things do move slow, but issues that students and community members are having do change pretty rapidly.”

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Towson students learn about healthy living

By: Marcus Dieterle, Contributing Writer

Student Health Services educated Towson students about healthy living during their “Eating Well & Being Active” event on September 21 in the University Union.

Students were given a punch card that they carried with them to each of the ten stations where they learned about everyday eating and physical activity habits they can adopt to improve their health. After having their card punched at all of the stations, students could take a free T-shirt.

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A student art project depicts a man masturbating in the foreground. In the background, police and TU administration speak with someone involved in the art project.

Student art project creates controversy at Freedom Square

By: Sarah Rowan, News Editor

An art project in Freedom Square designed to make a statement about social problems and censorship created some controversy when TUPD were called to the scene to investigate.

The art project consisted of four sculptures: one depicted a homeless man; one depicted a man passed out from drinking too much; one depicted a woman who was a victim of sexual assault. The final sculpture depicted a man with his pants unzipped and his hand on his penis.

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Students create Freedom School

By: Sarah Rowan, News Editor

Towson’s Black Student Union and the Organized Network of Student Resistance plan to launch Towson Freedom School, a workshop for black studies, beginning Sept. 22 in the Lecture Hall at 6:30 p.m.

Student activist and founder John Gillespie sees the organization as a way to “create a black studies space in the absence of a black studies space at Towson.”

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