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Meet the URG 2016-2017 executive board

Vice President- Wayne Nichols

Hey everyone! My name is Wayne Nichols and I will be the Vice President for the following school year. I was also the treasurer this past year and am excited to continue on the board. A big initiative that I want to work on is making URG a household name, or for us, a residence hall name. Not as many people know about URG than they do about SGA. I want them to know all the great things that URG from the events that we or the Building Councils put on, the resolutions that we advocate for. We are able to make great change in the residence halls and I want everyone to know what URG can do.

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Incubator winners announced

By: Nick Mason, Staff Writer

The teams behind Sureshunt and Communication APPtitude were announced as the winners of the sixth annual Towson University Incubator Business Plan Competition, in the student and professional categories respectively, May 4.

“I think this is a terrific program,” TU President Kim Schatzel said. “All of the teams were great, they add to the economic growth.”

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TU hosts Holocaust survivor

By: Theresa Schempp, Staff Writer

On Wednesday, Holocaust survivor Halina Silber spoke to students about her life as a member of the Jewish population saved by German industrialist Oskar Schindler, who would become famous after Steven Spielberg’s film Schindler’s List, during the early 1940s.

“While Jews across Poland and Germany were being exterminated, Schindler gave us the best of care within his factory,” Silber said. “He fought all the obstacles to protect us from hard until the very end of the war, and succeeded in saving our lives. The lives of 1,200 Jews.”

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Speakers present new ideas at TEDxTowsonU

By: Sarah Rowan, Associate News Editor

Students, faculty and community members presented engaging ideas on a number of different topics May 5 at Towson University’s annual TEDxTowsonU event in the West Village Commons Ballrooms. The theme of the event was “Engage.”

“To engage is defined as occupying and granting, or involving someone’s interest or attention,” said senior emcee Karim Darwish. “Becoming engaged and engaging others can look different to every person, and because of this, the ways to be engaged are endless.”

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Q&A with incoming URG president Jeremy Levine

The following is a question and answer session with next year’s University Residence Government president, Jeremy Levine. Levine is currently a junior studying business administration. Next year, he’ll be among the first students that get to live in the newly-constructed Marshall Hall. The interview has been edited for clarity and brevity.

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breaking news

TUPD obtains arrest warrant in CLA Peeping Tom case

By: Sam Shelton, Senior Editor

Towson University police have obtained a warrant to arrest 24-year-old non-affiliate Zachary Campbell in connection with the Peeping Tom incident that occurred in the College of Liberal Arts building May 2.

“We are grateful that the Towson University Police Department quickly identified the suspect in the recent peeping tom incident in the College of Liberal Arts building,” TU Director of Communications and Media Relations Ray Feldmann said. “This is another example of the excellent work TUPD does in keeping our campus community informed and safe.”

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SGA president reviews year, addresses “presence of inequality and racism”

By: Cody Boteler, Editor-in-Chief

Student Government Association President Kurt Anderson said that Towson University students need to be aware of “the presence of inequality and racism in our own community” in his state of the SGA  video, released Tuesday.

“This is our time to make a profound impact and create a society that celebrates and embraces each and every individual,” Anderson said. “We must continue to build community with each other and fight against oppression in every form it appears.”

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