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A thank-you from Coach Ambrose

(The Towerlight would like to offer a sincere apology for how late this letter is being posted–our Editor-in-Chief was away at a conference for half the week and workflow was interrupted.)

Dear Towson University Students:

As your Head Football Coach it is with great joy that I pen this letter to you say THANK YOU!

In my 20 years associated with this university I have seen varying degrees of student involvement, particularly with regard to school spirit and athletics.

What I saw last Saturday night for our game versus Saint Francis continues to make my heart swell with tremendous school pride.

To say we all had fun last Saturday does not do our evening justice. That exciting game was an incredible school spirited memory for everyone in attendance. Hearing about the full, fun parking lots (of rule abiding current and future alums) and witnessing the sea of gold T-shirted students almost filling the student section, making so much noise – last Saturday was everything a college weekend in football season should be.

I am your coach, but I am also an alum. As both, I need to say thank you. Thank you for having fun while still following the rules, taking care of each other, and being smart during the pre-game tailgating. Thank you for showing up in large, loud numbers together to support YOUR football team with such fun loving ferocity. Thank you for making such a difference in the energy of the game. The players could feel you. You were electric! Thank you for showing the entire Towson community that school spirit is alive and awesome at Towson University.  

Thank you.

Humbly yours,

Coach Ambrose

(The Tigers lost against Villanova this weekend, story to come. The next home game is scheduled for Oct. 8 at 7 p.m. against Stony Brook.)

Ratchet Rev & Speak Greek Banners

The informal guide to informal recruitment

By: Charlotte Smith, Columnist

So, you’re interested in going Greek, but you don’t want to wait until spring. Or, maybe the concept of formal recruitment freaks you out. Fear not, because informal recruitment is happening soon, and it’s ~pretty chill~ (insert sunglasses emoji here). Even though it’s informal recruitment, I totally get that any form of recruitment can be pretty daunting, and I’ve made you a list of tips to help you find your Greek home!

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TU installs 4000 new campus solar panels

By: Cody Boteler, Editor-in-Chief

Towson University officials worked to get about 4,000 solar panels installed on campus over the summer.

Steve Kolb, Towson’s energy manager, said that when the panels go online in a couple months, they’ll be able to produce just under 15 percent of Towson’s energy needs on the “best case scenario” day—one with lots of sunlight.

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The 2016 back-to-school survival guide

By: Cody Boteler, Jordan Cope, Taylor DeVille, Kristin Helf, Sarah Rowan, Sam Shelton and Lainey Tepper. Production was by Alex Best, Chris Simms and Jordan Stephenson.

Welcome to The Towerlight’s back-to-school survival guide.

If you click through to the links, you’ll find The Towerlight’s guide to surviving and thriving at Towson.

In addition to our editorial work, you’ll find letters and words of advice from TU faculty, administration and student leaders. Good luck getting started at Towson. This is a great place that you can really make a lot out of. Just don’t forget to read all your syllabi.

How to survive living on campus.

How to survive taking classes and working on campus.

How to survive doing all that and still have fun.


2016 Survival Guide: play

How to enjoy Towson athletics all year long

Towson University has 19 Division I athletic teams for students to cheer on throughout the year. There are 13 women’s teams and six men’s teams. Any Towson student who wishes to attend a sporting event can do so for free. However, attending football and basketball games require tickets which can be picked up at the box office in the first floor of the  University Union by presenting a OneCard.

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2016 Survival Guide: work

How to get involved with The Towerlight

If you’re reading this, you’ve already taken the first step! The Towerlight is an independent, student-run organization based out of Towson University.

We receive advertising dollars from the University, but no direct monetary support. We’re independent and we’re all students with full schedules. You’ll probably see us in one of your classes or, at the very least, in the Liberal Arts building.

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2016 Survival Guide: live

How to find campus’ best food

From what we’ve experienced, which locale offers the “best” food on campus is highly subjective. If you like comfort food, you might prefer fries and a sandwich from Paws or Chick-Fil-A from Susquehanna Food Court.

If you like fresh salads or Panera-esque menu items, Au Bon Pain in Hawkins Hall might be the spot for you. If you’re the kind of person who likes pretty much everything, head to your nearest dining hall.

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TU feels the bern at on-campus Bernie Sanders rally

By: Carley Milligan, Editor-in-Chief

Drivers traveling along Cross Campus Drive and York Road honked and waved at students marching in support of presidential candidate Sen. Bernie Sanders Friday.

The march was organized by the Towson for Bernie Focus Group with help from Sanders’ national campaign and Maryland Students for Bernie Sanders, to get students interested in voting before Maryland’s primary election on Tuesday, April 26.

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