Courtesy of Towson Athletics.

Towson cheerleading grabs the gold

By: Jordan Cope, sports editor

Towson cheerleading won gold at the National Cheer Association College cheerleading camp hosted by Boston University earlier in August.

The experience at camp was one of the best  we have ever had,” Head Coach Edy Pratt said. “The instructors were amazing, they were so attentive to our team and they were very pleased with how extremely talented our Towson Cheerleaders are. The team excelled in everything they did.”

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Trump can still win

By: Matt Teitelbaum, Columnist

Donald Trump is in trouble.

After a slew of controversies, which included but were not limited to a feud with the parents of a dead soldier and a joke about what “second amendment people” can do to stop Hillary Clinton, Trump’s support in polls has dropped to its lowest point since before he secured the Republican nomination.

So it begins. Liberals all across America are cheering at the death of their nightmare candidate’s historical, and at times downright baffling, march toward the world’s most powerful office. Scores of even-keeled people who tremble at the thought Trump’s fingers hovering over the nuclear launch buttons are breathing a great sigh of relief.
Not so fast. Make no mistake, Trump is still in this thing. He can win.

Hear me out. While it’s true that Trump is well behind in the polls, there are still 10 weeks to go before the election takes place.
In April of 2016, as Trump’s dominance over the Republican primary field became ever clearer, it was thought that he would be a non-starter with a national electorate. Just a few weeks later, he was sitting at a virtual tie with Clinton in May before leading her slightly after the Republican National Convention in July.
While you could say that August polls are significantly more predictive than July polls, September and October polls are going to be even more so.
It is simply too early for those who don’t want a President Trump to start holding anything back.

There’s a term in presidential politics, the “October Surprise.” In past elections, the odds of winning have seemed bleak for one candidate just a few months before the election until something shifted dramatically in the last few weeks leading to the big day.

This election may be no different.

Another Clinton email leak, a surprise recession, a terrorist attack or perhaps even a better than expected showing by Trump at the presidential debates would turn things around.
For now, smart money is on a solid Clinton victory. The key words there are “for now.”

Things will likely stay this way until the first presidential debate on September 26. That will be Trump’s earliest chance to turn around his flailing campaign. He’ll get two more debates after that in October.

Any given election can be flipped on its head in a matter of hours, let alone a matter of weeks or months.

Just ask former presidential candidates John Kerry or John McCain, who led over their opponents in the polls within ten weeks of the election only to lose in November.

Be patient. No matter what side you’re on this election, don’t stop fighting until the fat lady sings. That’s not how campaigns work, especially at the presidential level.

Meet your 2016-2017 student leaders

SGA President Taylor James

I would encourage every student to join something on campus! Student Government is just one of the many amazing ways to get involved. Being a member of SGA means you have the opportunity to serve the campus community and your fellow students. Some of the benefits of joining include great networking opportunities and leadership development! All of the open positions are posted on Applications are accepted on a rolling basis for some positions and reviewed when there is a vacancy. If you have any questions please stop by our office in the Union Room 226.

URG President Jeremy Levine

Hello, my name is Jeremy Levine and I am the president of University Residence Government. URG is an organization that works to make living on campus a positive, inclusive experience for our 4,900 + residents. It is a great organization for freshmen to get involved in right off the bat. You can  get involved in your respective residences halls building council where you Can help put on events and make change that impacts all of campus. I encourage everyone to check out our Facebook page and look for us this upcoming year in your residence halls. Best of luck kicking off your college career!


USM Chancellor Bob Caret offers best wishes for TU

As Chancellor of the University System of Maryland—and someone with a strong, 40-plus-year connection to Towson University—it is my pleasure to welcome students back to the TU campus for the start of the Fall 2016 semester and the 2016-17 academic year. I’m sure excitement, and probably some nerves, are especially present for our freshmen, and that returning students are eager to renew acquaintances and embrace adventures that lie ahead. Continue reading

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We can all change ourselves for the better

By: Megan Graves, Columnist

Hello, Tigers! It’s me again, your fancy, fearless (except for possums), fried-dough lovin’ feminist. I’m brushing the figurative cobwebs and literal crumbs off of my laptop to begin another year of sometimes fun, sometimes infuriating but always factual femformation. Get it? It’s information but with “fem” because, you know, feminism. …sorry.

Anyway, I had a hard time deciding where I wanted to begin. This summer was absolutely jammed packed with important news.

This news ranged from Brock Turner’s incomprehensible, irrational and infuriatingly lacking punishment for committing rape (hell no) to Simone Manuel becoming the first African-American woman to win a gold medal in an individual swimming competition in the Olympics (hell yeah). Continue reading


2016 Survival Guide: play

How to enjoy Towson athletics all year long

Towson University has 19 Division I athletic teams for students to cheer on throughout the year. There are 13 women’s teams and six men’s teams. Any Towson student who wishes to attend a sporting event can do so for free. However, attending football and basketball games require tickets which can be picked up at the box office in the first floor of the  University Union by presenting a OneCard.

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2016 Survival Guide: work

How to get involved with The Towerlight

If you’re reading this, you’ve already taken the first step! The Towerlight is an independent, student-run organization based out of Towson University.

We receive advertising dollars from the University, but no direct monetary support. We’re independent and we’re all students with full schedules. You’ll probably see us in one of your classes or, at the very least, in the Liberal Arts building.

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2016 Survival Guide: live

How to find campus’ best food

From what we’ve experienced, which locale offers the “best” food on campus is highly subjective. If you like comfort food, you might prefer fries and a sandwich from Paws or Chick-Fil-A from Susquehanna Food Court.

If you like fresh salads or Panera-esque menu items, Au Bon Pain in Hawkins Hall might be the spot for you. If you’re the kind of person who likes pretty much everything, head to your nearest dining hall.

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Letter from TU President Kim Schatzel welcomes students

Many of you have asked me how I’ve enjoyed my first Maryland summer. Aside from the recent heat wave, I’ve had a delightful and productive three months since our spring commencement. As we approach autumn, I look forward to seeing many of you around campus—which I hear is absolutely beautiful with the changing leaves!

Next week we will welcome more than 22,250 graduate and undergraduate students to our classrooms. At Convocation this Friday, we’ll launch 4,840 new students into college life, including both first-time freshmen and transfers from other institutions. More than 6,000 students will call TU their home-away-from-home, 700 of whom will be the first to live in our two new beautiful, apartment-style residence halls in West Village. Continue reading

Ed Desk Blog

A warm welcome from us at The Towerlight

By: Cody Boteler, Editor-in-Chief


Hey y’all, welcome to Towson—or welcome back to Towson. And welcome to The Towerlight, an independent, student-run newspaper that works to bring you all the news about and from Towson University and the surrounding community.

This issue is our back-to-school survival guide. Inside, you’ll find all of our tips and tricks for making the most of your time at Towson. We’ll teach you who’s who, how to navigate campus, where to get the best food and more.

The Towerlight is your best guide to what’s happening on campus. You can pick us up in print every Tuesday on racks that are around campus. You can follow us on Twitter and Instagram and like us on Facebook. We’re online every day at

And, for exclusive content directly to your mailbox, you can subscribe to Towerlight Today, our daily online newsletter that comes out Monday through Thursday.

If you want to get involved, you can shoot me an email at, or you can come to our office, on the third floor of the University Union.

This semester, we’ll have a fair bit of political coverage because of the historic election we’re living through. You can expect to see a fair number of political columns.

Each week (hopefully) we’ll have a “Roll Call” column. You’ll be able to tell the author’s political identification by the button that appears with the column banner. It’s a donkey this week.

If you consider yourself politically savvy and you want a chance to write for the column, please, let us know. It’s as much of a commitment as you want it to be.
We’re going to work as hard as we can this year to bring you top-notch journalism. It’s going to come to you in print, online and in video form. We’re going to bring back weekly roundups, where you’ll see one of our reporters reviewing the week’s news.

We’re dealing with some budget issues at The Towerlight, just like news organizations all over the country are. But, I promise, pay cuts don’t mean a cut in our commitment to bringing the most important news to our readers.

Here’s to what’s going to be a great year.