Baltimore says ‘yum’

By: Taylor Seidel, Columnist

Close your eyes and imagine all of the tastiest treats, beers, wines and the best restaurants of the area. Now, open your eyes and realize that this was all a reality this past weekend, April 18 to 19, at The Emporiyum in Baltimore.

There were sweet things, salty things, savory things and even alcoholic things. For all of you who weren’t there basking in the foodie glory, I’m here to share some of the highlights of the day.

The market was massive and full of people and vendors. The Emporiyum had taken over an old bread distribution center to fit all of the vendors. Inside, the smells were overwhelming, my dad and I quickly scanned the market to see where to start our food journey.  Continue reading


Multicultural night brings fun, awareness

By: Miles McQuerrey, Contributing Writer

Whether it was the live performances, henna tattoos or authentic Middle Eastern cuisine, the diverse crowd found plenty to enjoy at Multicultural Night, hosted by the Muslim Student Association (MSA).

The event took place Thursday, April 16 in the University Union’s Potomac Lounge and acted as the capstone of Islam Awareness Week, which took place from April 13 to 16. Fittingly, the evening served two distinct purposes: To provide fun activities to students and debunk myths about the Muslim culture. Continue reading


Job rankings schmob rankings

By: Jonathan Munshaw, Editor-in-Chief

Every year, some website or magazine releases a list of the best and new jobs to have.

The most recent list that news outlets picked up was from The list said that newspaper reporter was one of the worst jobs of 2015, just ahead of lumberjack, enlisted military personnel, cook and broadcaster (coincidentally, my backup plan in life is to become a chef, and when I took that awful career test in high school I once got lumberjack).

Continue reading


From Tasmania to Towson

By: Stef Foster, Columnist

“So how on earth did you end up at Towson all the way from Tasmania?” is a question I get asked regularly.

The answer is that The University of Tasmania (UTAS), like Towson, has a number of study abroad partner institutes. These institutes agree to accept students into their program, and then they reciprocate by sending their own students back. Students continue to pay their regular tuition fees at their home university, but derive their study credits from the abroad institute. Continue reading

Weiss breaks school record, Towson takes second

By: Jordan Cope, Staff Writer

Towson finished second in the Bucknell Team Challenge on Saturday at Christy Mathewson-Memorial Stadium in Lewisburg, Pennsylvania.

The Tigers finished with a total of 98 points behind the host Bison (195) in the eight-team field.

“It was really big for us. Every point counted,” Head Coach Roger Erricker said. “It just reinforces to everyone on the team that you have to fight for every single point.” Continue reading


In memory of Walker

By: Caitlin Moynihan, Columnist

As crazy as it sounds, it has already been about a year and a half since Paul Walker tragically passed away in a car crash. Since his untimely death, three of Walker’s movies have been released in theaters.

“Hours” and “Brick Mansions” survived with good reviews and ratings, but “Furious 7” has truly immortalized Walker and all of his achievements. The seventh installment of the acclaimed “Fast and Furious” series released to theaters on April 3, and in just 17 days, hit the $1 billion dollar mark in the box office. Continue reading