What’s Hot: A Conversation on Discrimination

This week on What’s Hot, Video Producer Stacey Coles talks to student activist John Gillespie about some of the events that have been happening on campus recently, including the event in the CLA Cafe. They try to answer the golden question: what do we do now?

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Towson University Journalism Day: Social Justice Panel

In honor of Journalism Day, Towson University invited a panel of professionals, including Kwame Rose, Mark Puente, Kenneth Burns, and Dr. Jared A Ball, to discuss reporting and the media’s effect on social justice issues.

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Questioning free speech

EDITOR’S NOTE: It has been brought to our attention that the University has recently worked out a schedule with ABM, the contractors who take care of custodial work on campus, to clean the chalk boards in Freedom Square every Monday.

By: A Towson Student

I’m questioning how free speech actually is on campus. Not hate speech, or vulgarity, but verbal and visual protest against racism, rape culture, and hazing; three taboo issues that the campus community has failed to appropriately address.

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Action and reaction

By: Annie Sragner, Arts & Life Editor

After a good heart-to-heart with a great friend of mine the other night, she handed me a little threaded doll that came in a tiny red draw-string bag. “It’s a worry doll,” she said. “Whenever you’re feeling nervous or troubled about something, whisper your worries to her, put her under your pillow and wake up with a clear mind.”

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Small steps forward

By: Megan Graves, Columnist

As you may have already heard, Harriet Tubman is going to replace Andrew Jackson on America’s $20 bills. But only on the front, and not until 2020.

Before I go deeper into my analysis of this idea, let’s acknowledge the progress we as a country will be exemplifying by placing on the front of one of our most used bills of currency the first woman in over a century, and the first African-American, well, ever.

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The weird perspective of reporting

By: Cody Boteler, Senior Editor

Students, faculty and staff—but mostly students—gathered in Freedom Square Friday for a “Unity Rally.” It was a response to what’s been happening on campus lately: The incidents involving a student and the black women working at the CLA Café. And then, even more recently, the drawing of a devil over messages drawn in Freedom square supporting the employees.

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TU Incubator preps for business competition finale

By: Nick Mason, Staff Writer

The TU Incubator, Towson University’s business incubator and entrepreneurial resource, will announce the winners of its sixth annual Business Plan Competition Wednesday, May 4.

Split into two categories, one for outside businesses and one for area college students, for the second time since its inception, the competition drew a record 52 entrants this year.

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Class plans panel on spreading messages

By: Nick Mason, Staff Writer

The Comm442 conference meeting and management class hosted “Find Your Voice: COMMunity Engagement & Activism” in Van Bokkelen Hall Friday, April 22.

Speakers included Howard University professor Tia Tyree, Morgan State professor and Strategic Communication Department Chairperson OluwaTosin Adegbola and Towson alumni Adam Jackson, CEO of the grassroots organization Leaders of a Beautiful Struggle, and social justice volunteer Doug Rose. Members of the Black Student Union, Student Government Association and Director of Civic Engagement & Leadership Chris Jensen also spoke.

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