The internet has spoken, Ken Bone

By: Dylan Brennan, Columnist

Whatever your political leanings, you cannot disagree that one winner of the second presidential debate was Ken Bone: a man who was relatively unknown but suddenly became an internet sensation within two minutes of asking his question. The fact that his name was a very popular trend on social media even before the debates were over says a lot about the man. Who can say why he became so popular? Maybe because he was such a soft-spoken person? Maybe it’s because he looks like Ned Flanders if he was on “Mr. Rogers’ Neighborhood.”

Whatever the case may be, I’m disturbed to report that the same people who brought him to fame are now seeking to bring him to infamy — and ruin his life. Continue reading

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Don’t live with the abuse

By: Megan Graves, Columnist

Relationships are tricky. They’re complex, intimate and confusing. They can be calm and warm or wild and exciting or any sticky, sappy combination imaginable. No matter what the relationships in your life are (or have been or can be), they never have to be abusive or unhealthy.

October, along with being the spookiest and best-smelling month, is Domestic Violence Awareness month.

When we think of abuse, often the first form that comes to mind is physical. Whenever we see an abusive relationship depicted in film, it’s typically someone (usually a woman) being hit by someone (usually a man). Overtime, that’s kind of molded into our general idea of what abuse is. Continue reading

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Spooky stories from Towson’s Greeks

By: Charlotte Smith, Columnist

It’s October, and I’m incredibly excited for Halloween, so I’ve gathered some very creepy stories from Towson’s Greek community. Let’s get spooky.
I’ll start out with one of my own paranormal experiences.

You Don’t Mess with a Girl’s Dog:
It occurred months ago, but I still think about it sometimes when I’m alone in my house and hear a noise. I had a ton of friends over one summer night, and at some point someone noticed the cheap Ouija board my sister bought from Target. Continue reading


#HashtagLunchbag comes to TU

By: Mary-Ellen Davis, Staff Writer

Towson’s Center for Student Diversity teamed up with humanity service project #HashtagLunchbag to make and distribute healthy lunches to those in need in the Baltimore area on Oct. 15.

Each lunch contained a turkey and cheese sandwich, a water bottle and an inspirational note to remind those receiving the lunch that someone is thinking of them — that they haven’t been forgotten.

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Baltimore Sun recognizes Schatzel and Baum as “women to watch”

By: Teri Mack, Contributing Writer

The Baltimore Sun recognized Towson University President Kim Schatzel and professor Jan Baum as two of 25 women to watch in 2016. They were acknowledged for their hard work and diligence, their leadership qualities and their ability to be consistently proactive women in their field of work, according to the article.

“I was honored to receive that recognition from The Baltimore Sun, but to me what it really means is we have an outstanding university — with exceptional students, faculty and staff — and that I am surrounded by a great team,” Schatzel said. “This recognition is a reflection of everyone’s hard work and commitment… I could not be more excited about where we are and where we’re going.”

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Towson NAACP holds race panel

By: Bailey Hendricks, Staff Writer

“The Race Dialogues Project,” sponsored by the Towson University Chapter of the NAACP, was a two-day event aimed at fostering a healthy dialogue about cultural competency and racial tensions, according to chapter president Destini Collins.

“We just want to get a dialogue going between different groups of people from different backgrounds,” Collins said. “To be honest, to put it in blatant terms – black people want to know what white people think, and white people want to know what black people think.”

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