How to slay (and not break the bank) this Halloween

By: Kerry Ingram, Columnist

Next Monday is the best day of October (and the day where you can finally dress up as your favorite childhood comic superhero and not get judged). While we college students will surely be spending the holiday cramming test material into our brains instead of candy into our mouths, we have this weekend to celebrate early!

Whether you’re going to a frightful bash, kicking it back for some scary-flicks-and-chills with your squad, or still lowkey continuing your tradition of trick-or-treating — (the best of us still try to get away with this as young adults) — I’ve come up with some easy, cheap, and trendy Halloween costume ideas for you to try this year.

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Trump sinks to a new low

Donald Trump is about to lose the 2016 election, probably by a lot. Polls, pundits and the most respected election predictors are all telling of Trump’s political doom with just two weeks to go before Election Day. Trump is losing, and even he knows it.

Why else would a candidate make completely unfounded claims that the American electoral process is systematically rigged via massive voter fraud? Why claim the game is rigged before it’s even over?

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Trump’s debate win won’t matter

By: Dylan Brennan, Columnist

The final presidential debate of 2016 was certainly an interesting one. Trump was definitely much better prepared for it this time — he at least started out with a calmer tone. While I don’t agree with everything Donald Trump proposes, he has given good explanation of his vision with such issues as illegal immigration. He wants people to be legal, documented American citizens who pay taxes and fully contribute to American society. Ironically, Trump was baiting Clinton early on in the third debate, and she seemed more flustered and unprepared than he did for the first half.

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Ratchet Rev & Speak Greek Banners

I have no idea how I survived last week

Charlotte Smith, Columnist

Once upon a time, someone thought it would be a good idea for midterms and Homecoming to fall during the same week. Suffering ensued.

I personally have no idea how I survived Homecoming Week. I had three papers due on Friday with Homecoming events and Dance the Madness practice every single day after classes. In fact, I had to leave most events early to make it to other events. This left no time for doing homework and studying, so I was forced to study during the time that I desperately needed for sleeping.

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Dress up like your downstairs

By: Megan Graves, Columnist

I absolutely love Halloween. Candy goes on sale, everything gets a little spookier, and the best part: you get to wear a costume.

I’ve always enjoyed dressing up for Halloween, and, when I was little, I took it very seriously. In fact, I used to have this recurring nightmare where it’d be time to go trick-or-treating and I had no costume. It was like the old “I have to take an exam I know nothing about” nightmare but far, far worse.

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Ed Desk Blog

How to properly prepare for Halloween

By: Sam Shelton, Senior Editor

What’s up, Tigers — I’m bringing you Ed Desk this week, so everybody strap in and let’s get going. Here are five ways to get suitably spooked for Halloween:

1. Do some light reading in the dark:

I love being creeped out, but I am too big of a baby to handle jumpscares. So, I read. I read a lot. About weird things and spooky things and murderers — Do you know how many wikipedia pages there are about mysteries and murderers and general mayhem? A lot. Want to learn something while satisfying your annual fall urge to indulge in the macabre? Wikipedia is your best friend. Hit me up after you google Lizzy Borden, a handful of cryptids and H. H. Holmes’ murder house (Spoiler: this guy actually tricked out a house to kill people in unique and terrifying ways).

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“Sleeping Beauty: An Opera for Children” teaches life lessons

By: Sydney Engelhardt, Contributing Writer 

“Sleeping Beauty: An Opera for Children” brought kids, parents and students together for a magical performance Saturday.

Adapted by Towson alumnus Timothy Huth and current senior Grace Kane, “Sleeping Beauty” marked the pair’s second production with the music department’s resident children’s opera company, “Opera in a Can.”

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