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Towson reveals beauty industry ‘illusion’

By: Annie Sragner, Arts & Life Editor

Last Wednesday, writer, producer, cinematographer and director of the documentary “The Illusionists,” Elena Rossini, made a stop at the West Village Ballrooms during the film’s Baltimore tour. “The Illusionists” aims to highlight how the beauty industry ultimately profits from consumer insecurities and unrealistic bodily expectations on a global scale.

“I started researching the subject and I found that a big problem is the globalization and how it is affecting beauty ideals in the rest of the world,” Rossini said. “In “The Illusionists” I show how western beauty ideals and images from TV, not just advertisements but movies as well, are actually being exported to the rest of the world and creating insecurities not just in women, but also in men and children.”

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Coming soon: Towson Time Machine

By: Morgan Schmidt, Columnist

If you’re anything like me, you cocked your head to the side in confusion when you heard that the Towson mascot’s name was “Doc.” Seems kind of random, doesn’t it?

Have you ever wondered what the library looked like in the summer of 1969? Or what happened to the freshman tradition of having a Ye Old English Dinner? As time passes, things change. As things change, they are forgotten.

What if there was a place you could visit each week to discover interesting things about Towson’s past? Let’s put a little gold into the black and white. Continue reading


Keepers & Sleepers: Week 10 recap, week 11 preview

By: Chase Rosenquist, Columnist

Week 10 Recap:

With Week 10 in the books, sights are set even closer on the playoffs. The shakeout is starting to take place among teams as we are seeing teams emerge as playoff bound studs and sleepers. With two teams remaining undefeated in the league, the Patriots and the Panthers are heavy favorites to potentially go deep into the playoffs.

All while that commotion is going on, we are seeing tough races take place for other divisions. The AFC South is up for grabs as the Colts are as inconsistent as they’ve ever been and now without their starting quarterback, Andrew Luck, for what looks to be five more weeks. Also with the Texans finding ways to win they can move past the Colts in the standings.

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breaking news

Interim coaches named for swimming and diving, Towson not competing in meet

By: Cody Boteler, Senior Editor

Director of Athletics Tim Leonard has named Jake Shrum, who was previously an assistant coach, to the position of acting head coach for the swimming team and hired Tim Perkins as temporary diving coach, according to a statement from Towson University.

Head Coach Pat Mead was put on administrative leave Nov. 17, according to members of the swim team. Members of the team also said that Diving Coach Maureen Mead and Assistant Coach Adrienne Phillips had already been put on administrative leave.

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Photo by Allen Stewart

Tigers beat out bears in battle for greater Baltimore

By: Tyler Beard, Assistant Sports Editor

Towson held onto a 69-61 win against Morgan State on Monday night, as the team made 17 free throws in the second half.

“The thing I’m happy about is we found a way to hold on to win, which is something we didn’t do a year ago,” Head Coach Pat Skerry said. “We did statistically what we normally do. We defended, rebounded and got to the foul line. There’s a reason we were fourth in the country in percentage of points from the foul line last year.”

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Winter Sports Preview: Men’s basketball, Women’s basketball, gymnastics, swimming and diving

By: Tyler Beard, Assistant Sports Editor

Towson opened up the 2015-16 season with a 78-76 loss to the La Salle Explorers on Saturday afternoon.

“We’re past the moral victories,” Head Coach Pat Skerry said. “I think you’re going to see us play with an edge this year. Our guys were surprised at what people think of us so there are no moral victories. We didn’t find a way to win but I think we’ll benefit from it.” 

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