Capital Opportunity

By: Jordan Cope, Assistant Sports Editor

At the All-Star Break, the unofficial midway point of the National Hockey League regular season, the Washington Capitals have the best record in the league at 38-5-4.

If the Capitals continue to win games at this pace, the team will be contenders for the Presidents’ Trophy, which is given to the team with the best regular season record.

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Beyond Baltimore: Feb. 2, 2016


Over the next two years, the White House will ask Congress for close to $1 billion to fight cancer, the No. 2 killer in the United States. The “moonshot” plan was announced during last month’s State of the Union address. Obama will request $755 million for fiscal year 2017 and will attempt to spend $195 million during fiscal year 2016. Continue reading

Ratchet Rev & Speak Greek Banners

The importance of black spaces

By: Sey Elemo, Columnist

Have you ever googled the words “beautiful woman,” “beautiful man” or “beautiful kids?” I suggest that you do so before you begin reading this article.

In the world we live in, whiteness is the standard for beauty, wealth, prosperity, and… everything else. It’s all we see in the mainstream. It sends the message that if you aren’t white, or if you don’t look white, you aren’t worthy. It’s hurtful, honestly. Especially for myself, a young, black (in fact, very dark skinned), woman.

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Ratchet Rev & Speak Greek Banners

The best worst time

By: Ali Hinman, Columnist

Did you know that you can sweat from almost anywhere on your body? I found that out as I was standing in a room full of beautiful strangers, asking me what my hopes and dreams are as beads of sweat barreled down my entire being. My makeup, that I had crafted at 6 a.m. that day, was no match for the amount of body heat that had accumulated in the room. I had a sweat mustache, nay, goatee, and even my calves and eyelids were sweating.

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Photo by Chris Simms.

Tigers give Delaware the blues

By: Desmond Boyle, Staff Writer

Towson escaped with a 101-97 win in a thrilling overtime barn-burner against the University of Delaware Saturday.

The game opened with the Tigers firing from the perimeter, as Towson went 3-for-3 from beyond the arc and jumped out to an 11-3 lead in the first four minutes. Sophomore guard Byron Hawkins hit two of his three first half 3-pointers in that stretch.

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Off-campus housing site launches

By: Lauren Cosca, Staff Writer

Towson University launched its new mobile-friendly, off-campus housing website Jan. 20 to create an easier way for students to plan to live off-campus.

“We’re kind of stepping into the 21st century when it comes to how students obtain and share information,” Coordinator of Off-Campus Student Services Joyce Herold said.

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Process of unnatural selection

By: Annie Sragner, Arts and Life Editor

When you’re in college, there is an ever-increasing amount of pressure to figure out “the plan” as graduation approaches. This process requires analysis of who we are on an individual level. Although there are counselors and other people around to talk to about the everyday things with, the big decisions must come from you.

This process may feel a little unnatural, because it is. As man-made industry grows around us, this decision-making becomes more relevant to our lives and turns into a higher priority.

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Make a difference by educating yourself

By: Megan Graves, Columnist

As the presidential election creeps closer and closer, a lot of us young adults are being bombarded with information about the candidates and suggestions on who to vote for. We look at Hillary and think that it’s totally and completely awesome that a woman could potentially be our next president, that feel we should applaud her for making it this far past the glass ceiling. We see Bernie and think that all of our friends seem to really like him, and we kind of collectively wish he was our grandpa. Then we see “the Donald” and think there’s no way that human cheese puff could ever become the next president of the United States.

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Letter to the Editor: no student should be ok with the “party bill”

By: Dante Barboy, student

There has been a lot of talk within the Towson University community lately about Bill 90-15 sponsored by Baltimore County Councilman David Marks regarding “unruly social gatherings” and how that might affect TU students and the area around campus.

I believe that the penalties that David Marks proposes for complaints made by residents of the area (six neighborhoods in East Towson will be used to test the program) are unreasonable and harsh. And no, I’m not just saying this because of the $500 charge that will be issued as punishment to party hosts.

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