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Deep Fried Feminism: What is a feminist?

By: Megan Graves, Columnist

Hey there, Towerlight reader! My name is Megan Graves. I’m an English major entering my junior year here at Towson University. I enjoy romantic walks to my refrigerator, singing loudly in my shower and being a feminist.

Now, before you pin me as a penis-hating monster, allow me to explain the real definition of feminism. Feminism is a movement that actively works to help women gain equality with men. We don’t want to be, or think we are, any better than men, we just want to have the same type of basic rights that men have. For example: equal pay, rights to our uteruses, and for the love of all that is good, no more slut-shaming. Women like sex too, you know. Continue reading


Experiences over expectations

By: Annie Sragner, Associate Arts & Life Editor

The beginning of a new school year invokes countless expectations of what’s to come. Nerves may tighten over the abundance of studying, and excitement stirs in anticipation of new people and opportunities.

But in a larger sense, these connotations about college are essentially hearsay from the people who have already experienced it.

The classic tales of parties, all-nighters in the library, and football games may be common for many students, but involvement occurs individually and uniquely for each person. Continue reading


Reporting with passion, integrity

By: Carley Milligan, Editor-in-Chief

Just as soon as we all began rejoicing that the summer had begun, it seems that August is already coming to a close. Nervous freshmen will move in this weekend, the University Store and BookHolders will develop long lines of students trying to buy textbooks, and seniors will simultaneously weep and celebrate as they head into their final year.

The start of the semester always brings with it those unfamiliar feelings of change, and after a long summer of partying at music festivals or working the late shift at a restaurant, it can be hard to adjust to a new schedule. Continue reading

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Connecting with your passions

By: Annie Sragner, Associate Arts and Life Editor

The end of the semester is in sight, which provides an ending and a new beginning. When school, work and life demands so much from us, we can lose touch with who we are as true beings and where we’re going.

Sometimes the ambiguity tied in with the future can leave us feeling lost. There are infinite possible ways we can spend our remaining days on earth, and this puts pressure on how we spend our time. Circumstances can change priorities, and passions can take a back seat when other things become more pressing.

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Relentless authenticity over compliance

By: Annie Sragner, Associate Arts and Life Editor

The world seems to operate through a series of social systems that have been accepted as “normal” in society. There are unspoken rules of etiquette dictating how to behave in places like public bathrooms, classrooms, busses, restaurants or any social situation. These de facto rules ease the coming together of people. While passively going with the flow is much easier than standing against the crowd or bandwagon, it takes courage to resist and be different.

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Job rankings schmob rankings

By: Jonathan Munshaw, Editor-in-Chief

Every year, some website or magazine releases a list of the best and new jobs to have.

The most recent list that news outlets picked up was from The list said that newspaper reporter was one of the worst jobs of 2015, just ahead of lumberjack, enlisted military personnel, cook and broadcaster (coincidentally, my backup plan in life is to become a chef, and when I took that awful career test in high school I once got lumberjack).

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