ADC hosts Faaji cookout at Paws

By: Sarah Van Wie, Staff Writer
Featured image by: Sarah Van Wie

Students that passed Paws Patio Thursday evening may have seen people waiting in line, heard Caribbean music or smelled traditional African jollof as the African Diaspora Club (ADC) transformed the area into a unification of the diverse cultures on campus for their Faaji Unlimited event.

“[ADC] hosts this event for all students to get a chance to experience a taste of African culture,” said Naana Dei, Co-Community Service Chair of ADC. “Africa is big with a various amount of culture, so we like to exhibit their differences for students to learn about.”

ADC spread African food, music and dancing for an evening Towson could remember. They provided food that represented African culture as well as different cultures around the world: chicken, hot dogs, burgers, jollof, mac and cheese, penne vodka pasta, meatballs and plantains.

“I was walking to class and I saw this long line of people,” sophomore Jordan Carr said. “I wondered what it was about and I had a feeling it had to be food, so I thought I’d stop by.”

The DJ played African and Caribbean Hip Hop that featured music such as “Left Right” by Wisa Greid. As those who were familiar with the dance joined the dance floor, they assisted those who weren’t familiar so they could join in.

“I came out to socialize and meet up with my fellow tigers,” senior Marissa Reaves said.

Mr. and Ms. ADC wore their sashes and were in the crowd getting students to dance and spice up the mood of the atmosphere. They are known as the face of ADC representatives.

“The good vibes and the good music are why I love the events we hold,” Ms. ADC, junior Bri Tiafoe said. “I always want to see new and old faces. It is a fun gathering.”

Faaji Unlimited was successful in bringing many cultures together to experiences multiple parts of African culture. Even when the rain started to pour, the unity was unaffected. Students huddled under the pavilion to allow the evening to continue.

“We want to continue spreading African culture to allow people to understand and show that we are here making ourselves known instead of hiding under a shell,” ADC President Tonsin Adedoyin said.

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