Wes Moore projected to be Maryland’s first Black governor: 2022 Maryland Gubernatorial Election live updates

By: Caitlyn Freeman, Editor in Chief

Nov. 9 — 2:28 p.m.: Cox conceded to Moore in a statement posted to twitter.

“While we always felt it might be a close race, the outcome was a complete surprise,” Cox said. “Our internal data demonstrated a massive shift of swing voters out way and a huge turnout of Republicans — neither of which is reported to have occurred.”

With 2066 of 2074 election day precincts reporting, Moore received 59.62% of the votes, Cox received 36.98%.

Nov. 9 — 10:07 a.m.: Schifanelli congratulates Moore and running mate Aruna Miller via Twitter.

Nov. 8 — 11:17 p.m. Cox tells supporters at election watch party that the results are “not looking good,” WBAL reports. He did not concede to Moore.

Nov. 8 — 10:50 p.m.: Johnny Olszewski projected to win reelection race for Baltimore County Executive, beating Republican Pat McDonough. Additionally, Anthony Brown is projected to become the first Black Maryland Attorney General, beating Republican Michael Peroutka. As for the comptroller race, Brooke Lierman is projected to win, beating Republican Barry Glassman.

Lierman would be the first woman comptroller.

Nov. 8 — 9:40 p.m.: Maryland votes to legalize recreational marijuana use for people 21 and older.

Nov. 8 — 9:29 p.m.: Gordana Schifanelli, Cox’s running mate called the AP projection of Moore’s win “fake news.”

Nov. 8 — 9:20 p.m.: 46 of 2074 election day precincts have reported so far, Moore has 67.96% of the vote, Cox has 29.26%.

Additionally, Van Hollen released a statement late Tuesday celebrating his win.

“I am deeply thankful to the people of this great state for their vote of confidence to continue representing them in the United States Senate. I know it is an awesome responsibility, and I promise to honor their trust,” he said.

Nov. 8 — 9:03 p.m.: Gov. Larry Hogan congratulated Moore in a tweet late Tuesday.

“Our team is committed to ensuring a smooth and orderly transition to the next administration, and I look forward to meeting with the governor-elect in the coming days,” Hogan wrote.

Nov. 8 — 8:18 p.m.: U.S. Sen. Chris Van Hollen has won reelection after defeating Republican Chris Chaffee , the Associated press reports.

Nov. 8 — 8:18 p.m.: Democrat Wes Moore will become Maryland’s first Black governor after defeating Republican Dan Cox, the Associated Press reports.

Nov. 8 — 6:36 p.m.: As polls remain open statewide, zero of the state’s 2074 precincts has reported results, according to the State Board of Elections website.

The state sent out 639,189 mail-in ballots, and 399,319 of them were returned as of Nov. 7, according to state data. Baltimore County sent 92,073 ballots, and 63,375 residents returned them. As of Oct. 22, the county had 563,463 eligible voters, and the total number of eligible voters statewide is 4.1 million.

At Towson University, students and community members headed to South Campus Pavilion to cast their votes.

Senior and Charles County resident Samantha Frias casted a provisional ballot at the Pavilion on Tuesday. She said increased public school funding and Marijuana legalization were the two issues she found most important.

An amendment to the Maryland Constitution that would legalize Marijuana use and possession for those 21 years and older is on the ballot this year.

“I don’t really see the issue on legalizing it,” Frias said.

Similarly, Senior and Montgomery County Resident Ahnyka Israel Garcia also voted on campus and said she did to exercise her voice.

“I guess just wanting to participate and make a difference,” Israel Garcia said.


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