SGA Profiles: Senators Wolfarth, Grafton and O’Rourke

Profiles compiled by: Sam Shelton, News Editor

For the next few weeks, The Towerlight is working on interviewing and getting to know all the students in the Student Government Association senate.

Caitlin Wolfarth, Sophomore:
Editor’s note: Caitlin has contributed to The Towerlight before.

Major: Mass communication
Initiatives: “Maybe instead of getting emails from the mail office, we could get text messages. Because sometimes I’ll check my email too late, and then it’ll be past 4 p.m. and I’ll miss my package…More broad, I just want student groups to feel connected to the SGA, and to know that we are a resource to them.”
Favorite thing about TU: “I really like the diversity on campus. There’s so many different types of people, and there’s so many clubs you can join. I know every school is like ‘there’s something for everyone,’ but there is something for everyone here. And I really like the teachers here…At least the ones I’ve had, they’re really nice.”
Favorite place: “I really like Glen Woods and The Beach. Yeah, I like sitting under the tree.”
Favorite snack: “Au Bon Pain is my favorite place to go all the time. I really like all of their soup. Like, all of it. But I really, really like the pasta at Ptux too.”


Helen Grafton, Sophomore:
Editor’s note: Helen has contributed to The Towerlight before.

Major: Political science and mass communication, with a track in PR.
Initiatives: “I see a lot of people lose their aid because they don’t know that they have paperwork that they need to submit, or like anything or the to-do list, so I’m gonna find a way to like ease that communication. Like maybe a text message or a text alert when you have something on your to-do list, so people know and don’t lose their financial aid.”
Favorite thing about TU: “Once you get here, it’s so amazing and it’s so easy to get involved with things. Everyone at Towson is so welcoming. You can walk around campus and see someone you know, even though the campus is giant.”
Favorite place: “Probably West Village, in that little area before you get to all the food on the first floor, just because it’s really quiet there. I like the glass windows and the trees, and there’s not usually a lot of people there so it’s not too loud. I really like it there.”
Favorite snack: “Probably quesadillas from The Den. That’s my favorite.”


Kyle O’Rourke, Junior:

Major: Business administration, marketing
Initiatives: “What I’m trying to work toward is a [greek-wide] scholarship that needs a $25,000 endowment at first and each greek chapter will donate a certain dollar amount and hopefully by the time it’s introduced, it’ll be able to give almost a $1,500 scholarship to students who need financial aid.”
Favorite thing about TU: “It’s honestly the people I’ve met. I’ve met a lot of great role models and leaders. In high school, I wasn’t the most outgoing and ‘step into a role’ kind of person, but I always wanted to be. I definitely think people here, other students and faculty, have helped me put that into action.”
Favorite place: “I love Susq. Susq is fantastic. The deli – I really like the New York deli. That’s kind of like my spot because I’m from Long Island.”
Favorite snack: “New York Italian with potato salad and a pickle. 100 percent.”

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