A college student’s guide for off-campus living

By: Miranda Mowrey, Columnist

Although living on campus has its own perks, there is a sense of independence that comes with living off campus. If you have decided you want out of on-campus living, but aren’t sure where exactly to live in Towson, here is a breakdown of all the options you have:

Cardiff Hall Apartments

A Cardiff apartment comes with a high price tag, but the complex is so close to campus that you can hear the Stephen’s Hall bell tower ring in a new hour and the emergency siren system occasionally scare you into thinking the world is ending. As a resident of Cardiff, I can personally say that living here is best for those who value the convenience of its proximity to campus so much that they are willing to deal with hearing loud music on Tuesday nights and spotting an occasional mouse in your peripheral vision.


“ALTUS is a great option for student living because it is brand new, fully furnished, has awesome amenities and is in a great location,” said Ariana Rodriguez, a sophomore at Towson and a leasing and marketing assistant for ALTUS.

For around the same price as Cardiff, ALTUS provides residents with a pool, rooftop deck, and study bars equipped with computers and printers. Plus, most bedrooms have their own bathrooms – yes, you read that right.   

Towson Place

Towson Place is a bit cheaper than Cardiff and ALTUS and is still close to campus. However, these apartments are not as fancy or updated as other places to live. But seriously, as college students who drink boxed wine and use 1-ply toilet paper, we don’t need to live in the Ritz Carlton.


Ah, the ole Donny. Donnybrook Apartments are located directly behind Cardiff, requiring a longer trek to class if you don’t take advantage of Towson’s shuttle service. These apartments are known to be a bit sketchy, especially at night, but they are cheaper than the others on this list and almost always available for leasing.

House or Townhouse

If you are a rising senior, like me, you are probably over the whole apartment scene by this point. There are tons of houses and townhouses for rent just off of Burke Avenue as well as further south down York Road. If you split a townhome with multiple roommates, they can be relatively cheaper than renting an apartment. However, it is important to keep in mind that renting a house requires more upkeep because there isn’t a nearby maintenance staff

Take time to evaluate your own needs before deciding where to live next year. Make sure that you can not only afford the place you choose to live, but also try to picture yourself functioning in that environment for an entire year. After you have thought about it, start the application process immediately to secure a spot on the list. Good luck!

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