A learning experience

By: Alysha Payne, Columnist

This semester I have had such a great time writing “The Black Sheep” and I’m glad it has been such a learning experience for both myself and those who continually read and interacted with me every week. So I wanted to write about some of the things I learned while writing this column.

  1. Raven-Symone’s conversations make for great column ideas.
  2. Being put on a schedule is actually really good for writing.
  3. Google is an awesome way of keeping up with the latest black news.
  4. So is Twitter.
  5. Support comes from where you least expect it.
  6. But, so does racism and non-supporters.
  7. Names in the workplace are way more important than you would think.
  8. Racism definitely still exists today.
  9. BSU really is lit.
  10. Being a Black woman is a lot more difficult nowadays.
  11. Speaking up for a group of people can be a great way to show your support for them.
  12. There is a plethora of Black excellence in the world right now, and there always will be.
  13. Celebrating Black excellence is a great way not to get bummed out by the troubling news.
  14. HBCU and PWI colleges/university have different “personalities” but will still offer you an amazing college experience nonetheless.
  15. Racism definitely still exists today. (Yes, I listed this twice.)
  16. Personal experiences shape an opinion, but that doesn’t make yours invalid if you lack one.
  17. Many will tell you that your opinion is wrong and it isn’t OK to say to others.
  18. But, it is OK to have a personal opinion about something.
  19. Don’t let anybody scare you out of your opinion.
  20. Racism AND inequalities for various factors definitely still exists today. (Third time, for effect.)

Although, this was only a partial list of the things I have learned this semester while writing this column, I am so gratefully that I was learning about struggles and excellence that have been taking place and just educating myself on my community in general. And to me, it felt rewarding to feel like I had a voice in it. This has been a great semester and hopefully, this continues to be a learning experience for me in the coming semesters.

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