A new album on the horizon for this 90s band

By: Bailey Hendricks, Editor-in-Chief


As their summer tour came to a close, Tom Drummond, bassist, backup vocalist, and a founding member of the band “Better than Ezra” sat down with The Towerlight to talk about touring, band secrets, and even new music on the horizon.

“Better than Ezra,” founded in 1988, most known for their 90s hits “Good” and “Desperately Wanting” is an alternative rock group with mostly up-beat tunes and an easy-listening feel.

Drummond said after 31 years of playing and touring with his bandmates that it “feels like a marriage.” He said he loves touring to be able to see so many different cities and try a variety of different foods. 

“Better than Ezra’s” summer tour consisted of stops in various cities – including Baltimore Soundstage in mid-July. I was fortunate enough to be able to attend the show along with my boyfriend – and it was great. I highly recommend seeing Better than Ezra live, whether you only know their hits or are a die-hard fan.

Me being a “Better than Ezra” fan already and being able to sing along to all of their songs live at the concert was a wonderful experience (minus the drunk girl who slapped my glasses across my face, onto the ground and left a scratch on my glasses lens. Shout-out to whoever you are). My boyfriend, though, who was only somewhat familiar with their music from me playing them around the house, still had an awesome time hearing them live. “Brett Newski & the No Tomorrow” opened for them this night, and was also an entertaining act. Brett Newski, the lead singer of the band even got off stage and went into the crowd and jumped around with us just a couple feet away from him.

Kevin Griffin, the lead singer of “Better than Ezra,” was also amazing live. “He’s one of the funniest people you’ll ever meet,” Drummond said of Griffin. Not only did Griffin’s voice sound exactly like it does on their albums, but he was also very funny – something Drummond also mentioned during the interview – that Griffin is really funny and always has the band laughing too. Griffin talked in funny voices and cracked jokes making the whole audience laugh the whole show in between songs.

Griffin also recently released a three-song solo EP called “Someone Tonight” with chill, relaxing songs that feature his talented, notable voice even more than his “Better than Ezra” hits. If you’re a fan of “Better than Ezra,” you should definitely check out this EP.  

Those of you who are familiar with “Better than Ezra” and have played out “Good” too much, have no fear. Drummond told The Towerlight that the band is anticipating a new album next year. He said fans can anticipate the new album being a different sound than what they’re known for – that the new album will have a more pop-feel. And those of you who missed their summer tour – you also have no fear – Drummond says they will be doing more shows this fall.

“We enjoy what we do,” Drummond said. “We enjoy the hell out of what we do. And we like having fun. I think that’s another reason we’re still around.”

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