Night of nostalgia: TU hosts vintage gaming for students

By: Deb Greengold, Staff Writer
Featured image by: Deb Greengold / The Towerlight


As the semester gains momentum, having weekend plans can take some stress off of college studies. One way to spend a weekend on campus? A renovated vintage-style game night, like the one held by Weekends@TU Friday.

Weekends@TU held its regular Vintage Arcade Game Night Feb. 16, in the West Village Commons. The event was planned as a way to bring students together to enjoy some nostalgic games and socialize with fellow gamers. According to the Pew Internet and American Life Project, 20 percent of student gamers felt “moderately or strongly” that gaming helped their social lives.

Some students, like freshman Jeremy Andreas, became aware of the event through their friends.

“[I found out about this event] through my friend Danny,” Andreas said. “I usually go to sporting events, but Danny convinced me [otherwise].”

Andreas said he hopes to come back next year and recommend his friends to come out.

“Yes, I actually texted a bunch of them to come,” he said.

At the arcade night, there were multiple games that TU students could play including,”Aliens Armagedon,” “Sno Cross,” “Street Fighter 2” and “Pac Man.” Students with varying tastes in videogames had an opportunity to try out other types of games for the night.

Weekends@TU, whose sole purpose is to create events for students to participate in on campus during weekends, promoted the event on social media. The organization caught freshman Ayotide Bello’s interest through a tweet.

“I believe I found out about [the event] through Twitter,” Bello said. “I was looking for something to do this weekend so, I searched up Towson and this popped up.”

Bello later told her friend, Remi Ajani, about the gaming night, and the two came out for the experience, showcasing the “social domino effect” a throwback-style arcade night can have.

The Vintage Arcade Game Night is just one of the many events that Weekends@TU has to offer. Graduate student Rachel Gorenstein and staff member Craig Scott, who were leading the night, welcomed anyone to come out to future events. Scott recommended students to follow the organization on social media.

Students can stop by Room 217 in the University Union to sign up for Weekends@TU’s newsletter and stay updated on future events.


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