A Q&A with E The Artist

By: Rafihat Banjo, Columnist

Dublin, Ireland based artist, 20-year-old Daranijoh Sanni, known as E The Artist, creates experimental hip-hop.

Who is E The Artist and how did that name come about?

I thought it sounded nice. However, I do tell people that my surname is Sanni (San-E); I used to go by Sanni artistically, E is phonetically the end of Sanni. It was the end of all that kind of music. In terms of meaning, I don’t want to be one thing. I don’t want to be like the rapper or the producer or the visual artist. I just want to make everything. I want, from the get-go, for people to know what I’m about. 

How did making music come about?

I don’t know. It came about naturally. I didn’t really like music as a kid. But, because I had to clean up a lot at home, it made it easier to do. It was weird, I listened to Skrillex and all that kind of stuff. Literally to get enough dopamine to keep doing it. I found music through the worst music possible.

What kind of advice would you give an upcoming artist?

At the end of the day, if you believe you’re a good-hearted person, just be yourself and your external portrayal. I know there [are] a lot of things that people think about. Like, market yourself in this way or that. But, if I’m able to do it in Ireland, where I can DIY (do it yourself) and host my own events and make enough money off them to get by, then you can do it anywhere. If you just be yourself. People don’t like marketing things and people don’t like being sold regardless of what they tell you.

I don’t know. I hope to create a style. I hope to influence people enough that their life will change in some way or another to what I’m making. I want people to be themselves because of what I do.

Who are some of your musical inspirations?

As of recent, I don’t listen to music. I’m very much into design though. Whenever I think of music, I think of visuals. I like a lot of painters like Salvador Dalí and certain designers like Dieter Rams. For music, maybe John Coltrane would be my only real inspiration.

What is your musical process like?

It’s very strange. I’m not a very idea-struck kind of artist. I don’t come in with any certain ideas. I make music alone a lot of times by accident. I’m just messing around, and I get this really cool piece that comes together. People fortunately like it. That’s the best way to do it. I use FL Studio, if that helps anybody. But just buy a mic and a production software and just mess around and you’ll make the coolest stuff. If you don’t have any fun while making it, I don’t see the point in making it.

Dream collaboration (Dead or alive)?

I don’t know because all my favorite musicians, if I were to be in a room with them, I’d be shy. I know this sounds corny, but I’m working with the artists I like most. All Dublin, Ireland based artists. Ahmed, With Love., Julia Louise Knifefist, Rory Sweeney, and Curtisy. Also, John Coltrane!

Where can people who are reading find you?

I would recommend people going to my Instagram @etheartistdublin

SoundCloud: E The Artist

Spotify: E The Artist

YouTube: AHMED, WITH LOVE. & E THE ARTIST – SHALLOWS. (Official Music Video)

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