Democrats, a united front

 By: Stephen Lynch, Columnist 

The Democratic Convention took place over the past week absent of all the bells and whistles normally attributed to a large scale event like the presidential convention. Familiar sounds like applause or raucous appeals to the crowd to show solidarity were lacking, yet the power of the speakers was not dulled in the slightest. It was certainly a confounding sight watching great orators, who normally piggyback off the energy of their crowds, give speeches with no intervening lapses for conciliatory responses, yet their words did not fall on deaf ears: we are united. 

Democrats, both progressive and moderates, and even Republicans voiced their outrage at the failures of the current administration’s handling of issues which have cost too many Americans their lives and livelihoods. There is an apoplectic fervor emanating from those of us in the opposition; we will use the tools of democracy to retake the White House and we will do it right. With powerful voices from every avenue of the progressive umbrella showing their earnest support of nominee Biden. Their voices speak of a person who is antithetical to President Trump. As someone who will work for the change provided by Obama and eradicated by Mr. Trump, as someone who is compassionate, empathetic, work-centric; in other words, a genuine servant of the people unlike the sociopathic, golf-enthused embodiment of crony-capitalism who currently resides in the White House

For those of us who have long been revitalized by the sincerity of a candidate who speaks to the disenfranchised in a corrupt system and advocates for the implementation of a new path we have long looked towards the tutelage of Senator Bernie Sanders D-Vermont. Senator Sanders, once an opponent of Biden, has thrown his support into the Biden campaign. During Sanders’ speech on Monday he spoke of the things Biden will accomplish as President thus bringing him in solidarity with the nominee. Highlighting that, yes, Biden will expand healthcare, increase the minimum wage, and eliminate the injustices of a criminal justice system which has allowed the existence of for profit prisons. All things necessary to make America a just nation.

John Kasich, a former Republican Governor, also gave his endorsement by way of a short video to nominee Joe Biden, creating a truly serendipitous moment. Kasich’s testimony has him standing at a crossroads, a fork in the road, yet unlike the Garden of the Forking Paths that writer Borges describes, these are paths with two set, determined locations, and vicariously, set outcomes. Down one is the path we have traveled the past 4 years. A path raft with white nationalism, anti-intellectualism, anti-common sense, churlishness, isolationism, and a clear lack of empathy for the health and well-being of fellow Americans and fellow humans abroad. The other path is one of effort. For it will take effort to rebuild the greatness which has been sacrificed in the name of greatness (i.e., “MAGA”). Not unlike the rebuilding of the Library of Alexandria we must sift through the ashes caused by ignorant insurrection and continue forward. 

Both Barack and Michelle Obama gave poignant speeches in support of nominee Biden. With Michelle urging voters to recognize the importance of this election. The former first lady asked that we consider the appearance of our country to a new generation who sees the turbulent times caused by the Trump administration. Barack Obama too solemnly contended this election is more than a vote for Biden, but that it is a vote for the soul of a country wounded by rampant hostility. Nominee Biden concluded the convention with his acceptance speech alluding to his ability to work not only with his supporters but also those who opposed him. To lead the nation towards the light. I believe nominee Biden will be the President elect and will accomplish what Trump could not: the establishment of a truly just and great America.

The most crucial take away from this convention is that a Biden presidency can begin to bring back what has been lacking in my generation these past 4 years; a return of control in a seemingly callous world. As Senator Sanders said, “Nero fiddled while Rome burned, Trump golfed.” Trump golfed instead of giving this virus the respect it warranted, and now 170,000 Americans have died. The question is how many lives is equal to one vote? How much suffering until the ennui of voters is shaken off in order to restore America’s previous reverence? It is time for Americans to take action and vote with the aim of unifying this nation the way Biden has unified the Democratic party.

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