Adding a Libertarian voice

By: Dylan Brennan, Columnist

Well we are finally at the end of the semester, and what a tumultuous 2018 we’ve been having so far. Instead of leaving you off with some benign current event that you’ll forget once summer starts, I would prefer to leave you with advice.

I and so many others would love to see you go out and vote for the midterm elections over your summer vacation. Although it would be wonderful if you researched every candidate for every position, everyone knows this is a menial and thankless chore. Instead, I simply advise you do it to vote at the very least on local propositions and to boost midterm election turnout. Trump has certainly been a cold splash of water in everyone’s face, and I’m hoping people will be livelier to vote, whether it is in favor or hatred of his politics, or perhaps something different entirely.

As of next semester, I will officially be rebranded as the libertarian columnist as I’ve so wanted practically since I began. I wish all the best to my co-columnist who will take up the elephant’s mantle in my stead. It will be a tricky task to navigate which columnist gets what week, but we will find a way. Know that I will continue to do my best at reporting the third party alternative view to most political events and people, and ensure what I joined up for in the first place: to create and encourage a balanced debate for all Towson students.


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