Adjusting back to college life

By: Brooke Foundas, Columnist

When campus closed and switched to online classes back in March, it was incredibly difficult having to adjust living with my family again. I have to say, those first two extra weeks of spring break were kinda nice as I was in Myrtle Beach at the time with my boyfriend. During the middle of our trip we found out Maryland was starting to shut down so we decided it was time to go home. Between having no choice but to attend online classes in my childhood bedroom, working for my family’s restaurant, and looking after my sisters, Covid was getting very real very fast. It was hard adjusting to this new lifestyle especially thinking it would only last a few weeks but turning into six months.

When August came rolling around, I started to get anxious about heading back to Towson. I live with three roommates and even though I have my own room, I ultimately have to rely on my health and safety on them and who they choose to be around. This thought was incredibly scary to me because even though I am in good health, my family back home has compromised immune systems and I am hesitant to visit them just in case I happen to be asymptomatic. The best I can do is keep my distance from people, be mindful when out in public, and get tested when I plan on heading home. I know I do not have much control over the virus at school, but as long as I am aware of my surroundings my family and I will be more at ease. My roommates have been my best friends for the past three years and even though the virus worries me, I trust their judgement. I only have one more year left of undergrad and I am trying to make the most of it even when college isn’t necessarily normal anymore. Adjusting to home life was tricky at first but I eventually got in the swing of things and now that I’m back in Towson for fall semester, I learned that I got too comfortable at home and now it’s hard adjusting back to apartment life and living on my own again.

I know we are still floating through the first few weeks of classes, but I have come to realize that I am getting cabin fever again just like I did back in quarantine! I find myself completing the same routines each day. In the upcoming weeks, I plan to slowly start changing my bad habits. Instead of sitting in bed during my Zoom classes, I will participate in class while sitting at my desk. This will decrease my laziness and encourage me to be more productive. Since quarantine, I have been exercising at home and even though this is a good habit, it contributes to my cabin fever. I’ve started going for runs at my local track as well as planning on going to Burdick gym soon. The main difficulty I have been facing is not having a change in scenery. Being in the same apartment every day, all day long gets very tiresome and repetitive. The past few days I have been going to coffee shops like Einstein Bagels and Starbucks to get some fresh air and new people to look at.

Ultimately, moving forward through the semester, I know that I’m still in the process of adjusting to this lifestyle again but just like in quarantine, I’m confident that things will start to begin feeling normal soon enough. With support from my friends, roommates, family, and boyfriend, I am looking forward to being the funny, comfortable, easygoing Brooke I know and love.

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