Adult Comedies Review

By: Maclay Crawford, Columnist

Views expressed in the column are the author’s own.

Have you ever been on a streaming service, like Netflix, HBO Max, or Hulu and seen animated shows that look exactly like “Family Guy,” or have an art style so ridiculous and awful that you cannot believe anyone would willingly sit down and watch it? I know I have, and tragically, I will never get that time back. I decided that I would get something out of viewing these, so I sat down and wrote some reviews to hopefully inform the lovely masses. 

The Prince: HBOmax 

Starting off with what is most obviously a Family Guy ripoff, HBO Max’s adult comedy “The Prince” is most certainly an “adult comedy.” The main character is the titular prince, based on Prince George, a real child. I should also mention that he is a real eight-year-old child, who is a little devil that is rude to his staff and full of himself. He is basically Stewie Griffin from Family Guy except he is a real child who has done literally nothing. Speaking of Family Guy, this show is pretty much the same show, but worse! Weird cutaways? Check. Weird celebrity references? Check. Offensive jokes with nothing to say? Check. And of course, swearing and farting = funny? Check! Queen Elizabeth’s entire character emotes “I say swear words and I am old.” Painful, with every other character either being dumb or mean. If you are even considering watching this, may I recommend cloud watching instead?

Teenage Euthanasia: Adult Swim 

This was one of the more interesting and watchable shows I viewed. It is about a family living in a funeral home and their crazy, wacky antics. The first episode focuses on the main character’s attempt to lose her virginity since her sleazy mom is always trying to push her to “go for it.” Oh, and did I mention her mom’s a ghost…(zombie?) that makes a lot of sex jokes – as is expected with adult comedies. This show, however, actually had a couple of surprisingly funny jokes, mostly based on the weird futuristic dystopian setting where everything is commercialized and everything sucks. Which got a couple laughs, mostly in the first three minutes. After the setting becomes secondary, and the plot becomes the main focus, it morphs into a “by the numbers” cheesy, adult comedy with sex jokes, swearing, and characters acting so stupid it becomes more and more annoying. Overall, it was better than most of the other shows I watched which, unfortunately, is not saying much.

Lucy, The Daughter of the Devil: Adult Swim 

This would have been classified as the worst animation style of all of the shows I watched. It should have been; however, I was dreadfully wrong. This show has a simple premise: Lucy is the daughter of the Devil; however, she doesn’t have a good relationship with her dad. Seems simple, and you could potentially get a lot out of that. Instead it is just dull; I did not laugh a single time during this show. Not once. Looking back, I think there were jokes, however I honestly could not tell because everything was delivered in the same deadpan, monotone voice. All of this is portrayed in this poorly done 3D animation style that looks like it’s trying to copy the minimalist style from South Park in 3D. It simply does not work. Easy skip here. Do not bother to watch, unless you need a cure for insomnia…

Yolo Crystal Fantasy: Adult Swim 

This looks terrible. I honestly thought this was easily going to be the worst one I watched when I added it to my list. However, I watched an episode and then ended up watching the entire show. It is fantastic. It is funny, weird, and seems to constantly get better with each episode. It ends with a two-parter that is emotional and funny. Made by one of the creators of “Smiling Friends” (another fantastic show), the style of the show immediately draws you in, with each new episode introducing funny and interesting characters that will always keep you guessing where the story is going next. I wanted to keep the description of this one short because I genuinely think most people should watch it. It is a fun and interesting show and it is short, with only eight episodes. Tune in next time as I have about eight more shows left that I watched. Let me know if you agree or disagree with my assessments by leaving a comment or tweeting us at @TheTowerlight

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