Advice for pledges

By: Ali Hinman, Columnist

To everyone who just joined a Greek organization, welcome to the best decision of your life. From now on you will be a part of something that is bigger than yourself, which a concept that is impossible to completely comprehend until people start telling you their neighbors or cousins or friends from home are in the same chapter as you. You have been handed a bid, and it is your responsibility to make the most of it.

Besides just putting it in a pretty frame, you have the opportunity to make your college years truly amazing. Here are some things to keep in mind while you are navigating your new Greek world.

It Makes Campus Smaller           

You know that guy you always pass on your way to class? You’ll see him at the next Greek-wide event. And that girl you gave a stank face when she said hi to your boyfriend uptown? She’ll be there too. Along with her entire pledge class who knows that you looked at her funny. Towson’s Greek life is a small percentage of the population, which makes it easy to learn everyone’s names, as well as all of their personal business.

But You Always Have Someone New to Meet

Because it’s so easy to meet everyone, take advantage. Networking is one of the biggest perks of Greek life, and being on campus makes it no different. I always know at least one person in all of my classes, and I have to leave my apartment early when I walk anywhere because I stop to talk to so many people.

Learn About Your Soon-to-Be Brothers/Sisters

The most important people to meet are those in your chapter. You all share the same values and morals, which is ultimately why you are in the same place. While you are learning what your letters represent, learn about who represents them.

Go to Events

As new members, you will be expected to represent your chapter at all on-campus events. As annoying as it may be, and as many shows on Netflix that you need to catch up on, go with a positive attitude. Use this chance to hang out with the other members of your chapter, as well as mingle with others. If you have to be there, might as well make it fun.

You Are Always Wearing Your Letters

You are now no longer representing yourself. You are representing a national organization in class, on campus, in P-Tux, in Target and even in B Lounge. It doesn’t matter if you are physically wearing letters or not, people will know. Your chapter will become your identifier, which means your actions reflect the actions of every person who also wears your letters. So wear them with pride and make them proud. You are Greek, after all. We’re kind of known for being cocky.

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