Alum advises “be productive”

By: Caitlin Wolfarth, Staff Writer

From Towson’s Career Center to the real world, TU Alum Yulia Kolomenskaya has shown that anything is possible when you work hard.

A 2015 graduate, Kolomenskaya found her internship with Stanley Black & Decker through LinkedIn, but TU’s Career Center helped her land the internship by preparing her for the application process.

“All the tips I received [from the Career Center], I used,” Kolomenskaya said.

According to Kolomenskaya, there was “no such thing as a typical day” while interning at Stanley Black & Decker.  

Usually, she had assignments piled up for the week ahead, and projects and random assignments during the day, all of which she had to prioritize and juggle.

“If I was done early, I would ask for other assignments and if I wanted to learn something new, I would ask for specific training,” Kolomenskaya said.

According to Kolomenskaya, during her internship she worked on a project that included analyzing employee data, which was important to the executives of Stanley Black & Decker.

Because of Kolomenskaya’s productivity and willingness to tackle projects, Black & Decker administrators opened a permanent position for her after her internship concluded. Now, Kolomenskaya is the HR coordinator for commercial sales.

Her responsibilities include “supporting a large employee group and the VP of HR of Sales directly and indirectly.”

“My advice is to be productive,” Kolomenskaya said. “People recognize and reward those who go above and beyond expectations.”

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