An update on TU’s on-campus housing for the fall term

By: Grace Coughlan, Associate Editor
Photo by Brendan Felch/The Towerlight

Housing and Residence Life sent out an email to students outlining new eligibility requirements for 2020/2021 on-campus housing, on June 18.

“At this point in time, we have more students that paid a deposit for university housing than space available,” the statement reads. “In order to provide transparency with our next phase of planning, we have developed a tier system to determine on-campus eligibility for 2020/2021.” 

Their previous email notified students of a 30% decreased housing capacity, as well as a deadline of June 10th to voluntarily cancel housing requests. TU also notified students that a new tier system would be implemented to decide which students will be accepted into housing. 

The tier system consists of two phases. The first tier consists of: 

  • Students with medical conditions that require these students to live on campus, 
  • Students who have a financial need based on financial aid grant status, 
  • International students, 
  • Students that are selected as members of the SAGE Residential Learning Community, 
  • Students whose permanent address is more than 25 miles from campus.

Students who do not pass the first tier requirements will be emailed an administrative cancellation on Friday, June 26.

The second tier will consist of students who don’t meet the eligibility requirements of the first tier categories. These students will have the opportunity to appeal their housing cancellation. An appeal committee will be in charge of reviewing appeals submitted by students. 

“Our priority in these decisions will be based on student need for safe and secure housing or for whom on campus housing is necessary to fulfill their academic requirements,” the statement reads. 

If students appeals’ are accepted, the committee will provide space where it is available in residential buildings. 

“It is our goal that only students with confirmed on campus housing will receive a bursar bill charge for housing,” the statement reads.

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