Artist Spotlight Q&A with aspiring TU artist SOUTHPRINCE

By: Daniel Kundrat, Columnist 
Photo by Princewill Achoronye

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Princewill Achoronye, a sophomore and Molecular Biology, Biochemistry & Bioinformatics (MB3) major at Towson University (TU), has used his time during the COVID-19 pandemic to pursue his passion for music. 

This up and coming artist known as SOUTHPRINCE says he fell in love with music at an early age, and this past year has been even more committed to his work. SOUTHPRINCE can be streamed on all music platforms.

When did you first begin making music? 

I started producing music when I was 15, but I didn’t take it seriously until March of 2020.

What drew you to producing music, what and who first inspired you? 

Growing up in a Nigerian household, music was always a part of our culture. From the church to even just inside my home, music was a universal language. When I was 6, my parents enrolled me in a guitar class because I wanted to be a rockstar at one point during my early years. I then went on to learn piano and participate in my school’s orchestra and my church’s choir. But playing music wasn’t enough for me. Hearing some of my favorite artists release the music that they love to make and that I resonate with, it made me want to produce some instrumentals of my own that could contribute to the feeling that I get when I listen to music. If I were to specifically note an inspiration of mine, Kendrick Lamar is my biggest inspiration, along with the producer Teddy Riley.

What are your favorite musical genres, and why? 

My favorite musical genres are hip-hop, afrobeat and soul because of the expression of Black culture through the music. The complex instrumentals and the beautiful concepts that can be executed through these genres. But I am a firm believer that one should not be limited to the genre-ing of music, I love all types of music because of the art form being a universal language to be dissected.

Who are your favorite musical artists, and why? 

My favorite artist is definitely [Lamar] because of each of his albums providing a soundtrack to my life. His approach to making music is something that I want to take heed of in my own process.

What kind of music do you produce?

My desire is to produce any type of music instrumental, but hip-hop and R&B are the genres I mostly find myself working in. I work a lot with samples and genre-bending techniques to make new sounds.

As of right now, what has been your favorite experience in making music? 

My favorite experience in making music so far has been having those “yes” moments. The moments where I execute an idea I have in my mind, or accidentally make something that is sonically beautiful.

As of right now, what has been your worst experience in making music? 

Honestly my worst experience in making music has definitely been coming up on writer’s block. It sucks because you feel like you’re not good enough and that you have nothing more to produce.

What is the most taxing part of being a producer, the most difficult part that you always have to do?

Honestly the most difficult part has been constantly trying to do better and reinvent myself because of how much I compare myself to others, but I am trying to get out of that mindset.

What are your goals/aspirations in music production? 

My goal is to be a household name. To be a producer that is known for bending genres and providing new sounds, and creating euphoric experiences.

What is some advice you can give to beginner producers, or those interested in taking the first step in music-making?

Be yourself. Do what you feel is best in your process. Make what you want to make and listen to the criticism of your peers, but don’t become your mistakes. It sucks when you allow your mistakes to swallow you, but the truth is, it’s good to make mistakes because that’s how you get better. Do not be afraid to push yourself to your limits.

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