“Atlanta” sees past stereotypes

By: Milad Yazdi, Columnist

There is no doubt that TV tends to present itself with bogus shows that lack concrete representation of our diverse society. Despite us being at the peak of the television age, only a rare number of broadcast and cable outlets truly appeal to our particular tastes. We seek captivating content, because we know that as a country, a country where racial tension and LBGT discrimination are common, we are compelling, intriguing, and dare I say, beautiful.

With time, this age of broadcast and cable outlets start to expand and break free of comfort to introduce new ideas, new communities and new adventures.

FX strives to bring this idea to light with its new series “Atlanta.” Donald Glover achieves a breakthrough in his career by writing, directing and starring in this series.

It is important to note that “Atlanta” is not a “black” show, even though the majority of the actors and actresses are African American. Rather, like any other show, it reminds us that we all experience life differently. It is just another beautiful American show, representing Americans as having things we share in common and things that set us apart.

The characters in “Atlanta” are, with complete certainty, the most authentic in any series. They know their situations, but they don’t try to overcome them. Instead, they stay focused on their lives as couples, stoners and rappers. It is refreshing to know this, to know that the story is not a grim representation of gangs, drugs and violence.

Even with this there is still an obvious issue with money or lack thereof for Earn Marks (Glover), as he tries to step into a new world. His cousin Alfred (Brian Tyree Henry) is a growing rapper with his knock-off stoner partner Darius (Lakeith Stanfield), and Earn wants to join the team. I feel that Earn has a curious eagerness in him but lacks the street-smarts to strive in this new world he has entered. But this is what makes “Atlanta” so remarkable. All three characters will immerse you in their world, and the next thing you know, you’re cheering for them. Every character will appeal to you, even Darius who, with time, will grow on you.

“Atlanta” will keep you on the edge the whole way by the cinematography and directing — and it is by no means a predictable show. It delivers an effortless authenticity that is new and refreshing and will leave you in awe with every single cut.

FX has picked up “Atlanta” for season two. Watch the first episode for free now on Amazon Prime.

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