Beyond Baltimore: Obama considers arming Ukraine

By: Sam Shelton, News Editor


Washington D.C.:

The United States may send additional forces and lethal arms to Ukraine in order to “bolster its defenses,” President Obama said Monday. This would be done at the risk of creating a divide between the U.S. and some European nations. Germany, for example, strongly opposes the build-up of arms in the area.

“It is true that, if in fact diplomacy fails, what I’ve asked my team to do is to look at all options,” Obama said. “And the possibility of lethal defensive weapons is one of those options that is being examined, but I have not made a decision on that yet.



On Monday, Alabama Chief Justice Roy S. Moore ordered officials not to issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples. This was a “open defiance of a January federal court ruling,” according to Moore said that officials should not  “issue or recognize a marriage license that is inconsistent” with the state constitution or state law.

Bibb County Probate Judge Jerry Pow expressed confusion about the decision and said that he would not issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples.

“I don’t know whether I want to defy the chief justice of the state supreme court or a federal judge,” he said.

According to Reuters, “Couples in at least 22 counties were denied or otherwise unable to get marriage licenses on Monday.”


Cairo, Egypt:

Forty people were killed Sunday night when supporters of a local football team met police before a Premier League game. An investigation into the incident has been ordered and the Egyptian Premier League has been suspended indefinitely.

The incident occurred when team boosters tried to enter the army-owned stadium without buying tickets, according to representatives from the Egyptian interior ministry. In response, police set up barricades and fired tear gas at the boosters.

“The police were in front and behind the gate. They fired tear gas,” said one witness. “This caused panic and people fell on top of each other. We started to leave quickly. There were old people in the crowd and they were crushed by other fans.”


– Stories compiled from The Daily Beast

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