Blackpink debut album is finally here

By: Norma Sorto, Columnist 

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The South Korean girl group Blackpink has officially released their anticipated full-length album called “The Album” on Oct. 2

The album consists of eight tracks, including two title tracks, “How You Like That” and “Lovesick Girls.” Following the album drop, Blackpink also released a music video for “Lovesick Girls.” 

Blackpink gained international recognition after performing at Coachella in 2019. Their outstanding performance had left the crowd wanting more. Since Blackpink debuted in 2016, they have gained one of the most dedicated fans, also known as BLINKS. Blackpink is one of the popular K-pop girl groups racking up billions of streams, selling out concerts, and breaking YouTube records for their music videos, including “How You Like That.” 

If you are not familiar with Blackpink, they are a four-member K-pop girl group under YG Entertainment. The group consists of Jennie, Rose, Lisa, and Jisoo. It has been four years since the group debuted, but they have cultivated a music style that only they can do. 

The album starts with one of their title songs “How You Like That,” which was released on June 26 as a pre-release single. The song is a classic Blackpink song; it is highly influenced by hip hop with its massive beat drops and captivating vocals. The lyrics have also left an impact on anyone who listens to it. It is an empowering song that promotes being confident during dark times. The song debuted at #33 on the Billboard Hot 100 during the week of July 11. 

For this album, Blackpink collaborated with well-known artists like Selena Gomez on “Ice Cream” and Cardi B on “Bet You Wanna.” Blackpink has also collaborated with Lady Gaga in her recent album; the song is called “Sour Candy.” The main focus of the Blackpink album was their collaboration with top artists. It is fascinating to see Blackpink being able to share their craft with other artists. 

The track “Lovesick Girls” is the perfect definition of a grudge pop song. The song is about hopeless romantics trying to find common ground with their love life. “We are the lovesick girls” or “But we were born to be alone” are lyrics that anyone can relate to when you are just trying to get over someone you love.  The song “Pretty Savage” is a national anthem of sassiness. The girls are not here to play but rather show their haters that you can’t mess with them. 

As a BLINK myself, I have waited four years for Blackpink to release their full-length album. The only downside to the album is that it only consists of eight tracks. I was a bit disappointed because I want Blackpink to show more of what they are capable of, and that’s showcasing their incredible talents in vocals and rapping. 

Overall, their new album “The Album” has exceeded my expectations. Blackpink never fails to deliver the best music. There is no other girl group that is doing it like Blackpink. The album represents the growth of the group, and I am excited to see what they have in store for the future.

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