Breathe in, breathe out

By: Raquel Alfaro, Columnist

Anxiety in college can be difficult to manage considering classes, work and everyday routines, so it is time to prioritize your mental health with a few coping techniques.

Build a Support System:

It may feel lonely sometimes, but just know there are people who are there for support.  If a college student is already working with a therapist for anxiety treatment, chances are, a support plan for college is made. Students who are not seeking treatment from a therapist should utilize the Towson Counseling Center on campus. The services are free, and an appointment can be made by calling 410-704-2512 or by walking in.

Talking to a trusted adult can be difficult at first, but seeking additional help from someone unrelated can be easier most times. Even talking to trusted friends can be a good way to relieve anxiety.

Involving family is helpful because they’ll most likely love and support their child through hard times. Including family members allows them to be there and come up with a plan to help with coping.

The only exception is talk of suicide. If they bring up suicide, reach out to a professional and get help!  There are hotlines that will keep the information private, but provide advice that will help the person in need.  If you, a friend, or anyone you know is considering suicide, please call the National Suicide Prevention Hotline at: 1-800-273-8255

The Body is a Temple

College can be, in most aspects, exciting, but it can also be difficult balancing and maintaining healthy habits.  All college students need plenty of sleep, exercise and a healthy diet. Anxiety tends to increase with a lack of sleep.

A helpful tip is to disclose with roommates your sleeping or studying habits, so that a healthy balance of sleep can be made.

Essential Oils

Try Cannabidiol (CBD) oil. It contains ingredients from a naturally occurring cannabis plant, but does not contain THC.  It is legal and has been proven to relax muscles and help with anxiety.

This can be bought at a variety of stores such as, CBD Oil Supply Stores, Amazon and tanning salons.

Just take a few drops as directed on the bottle and results occur within 10 minutes, and the body will feel relaxed.

Breathe in, Breathe out

Sometimes, the best tactics are done through coping skills right from your home.

  • Meditation Apps and Mental Health Apps help talk people through their anxiousness
  • Daily Exercise – Attend the on-campus gym for free
  • Journaling – write down any emotions on paper
  • Therapy
  • Deep Breathing – Do this for several minutes to relax your mind

Anxiety can be difficult most times, but it is time to talk about coping techniques, especially for college students that feel overwhelmed. These are a few effective tips for anyone seeking help for anxiety.


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