Burdick Hall to open this weekend with restrictions

By: Julia Fluke, Contributing Writer 

Towson University’s (TU) Burdick Hall is resuming operations for the Spring semester starting Sunday, Feb. 7, 2021. 

In order to access the fitness center, students must have a reservation. To reserve a time slot, visit the Campus Rec Portal or download TU’s Campus Rec mobile app. If you arrive early, there is a designated waiting area to sit in until it is time for your reservation. Reservations for the Rec Center and Climbing Wall will open 48 hours in advance. A reservation is also needed to access the Outdoor Adventure Center. Time slots are 45 minutes and can be reserved up to 48 hours in advance. 

To enter the facility, students must use the TU Campus Rec mobile app for touchless entry. Students can also give their TU ID number or name to the welcome desk. 

All patrons must wear a mask inside Burdick Hall and in every building on campus. If you have a pre-existing respiratory condition, there are designated recovery zones inside the facility that allow individuals to remove their mask for a short period of time.

Sophomore Darius Hunter is looking forward to the reopening of Burdick Hall

“It’s exciting, of course,” Hunter said. “A place to workout and get away from work. The restrictions are good! I haven’t had any issues at all.” 

Fitness equipment will be cleaned hourly by staff. Participants are also encouraged to wipe down equipment before and after use with wipes that are provided by the gym. 

Areas that will be available for the Spring semester will include: 

  • Fitness floor level one
  • Cardio floor
  • Climbing Wall
  • Burdick pool
  • Burdick fields
  • Skills studios
  • The Jungle on level two
  • MAC 1 
  • MAC 2 
  • Gym 1 
  • Gym 2 

MAC 1 and MAC 2 are open for recreation activities, while Gym 1 and 2 are designed for basketball.The skills studio and basketball courts are only available for individual activity. 

Burdick Hall will also be providing services such as outdoor gear rental, bike rental, day use lockers and select day-use equipment. There are also opportunities for virtual group fitness classes and limited in-person Intramural Sports.

Areas such as the group fitness studio, the mind body studio, the cycle studio and the instructional studio will be closed for the Spring semester. 

Campus Recreation won’t be hosting any travel sports clubs or home events, outdoor trips, team building programs, climbing clinics, in-person group fitness classes or personal training. In addition, towel services and locker rentals won’t be available. 

“Guests are not permitted to use the Campus Recreation Center,” the Campus Recreation website reads. “Guest passes will not be available for purchase. Alumni and Household memberships are currently unavailable.”

Students will also need to bring their own water bottle. There are water filling stations available, however, fountain spouts are shut down.

Freshman student athlete Liana Wilkinson, a regular Burdick Hall user, believes that the reopening will have a positive impact on students at TU. 

“I think it’s important that students have access to a gym, especially since most people are stuck in their rooms so it gives students something to do,” Wilkinson said. “The restrictions are responsible, it makes me feel safe knowing that everyone there has to wear a mask and social distance.”

More information on Campus Recreation can be found on TU’s website. 

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