CAB and SAGE host thrifting event, provide free clothes to students

By: Daniel Admasu, Contributing Writer

The Towson University Campus Activities Board partnered with Students Achieve Goals through Education to host a clothing drive last Wednesday at PAWS Cafe.

Prince Egbunine, a programming chair for the Campus Activities Board, said he came up with the idea to emphasize sustainability and the importance of reusing articles of clothing rather than throwing them away. 

While called a thrift event, all of the clothing was free to students. 

Campus Activities Board Creative Director Sofia Merkowitz-Bustos said she considered the event a way to give back to the students. 

“Not everybody has the chance to go out and buy clothes,” she said. 

Each student was allotted one raffle ticket to exchange for one item of clothing. Several tables were set up featuring vintage streetwear clothing such as t-shirts, graphic tees, hoodies, jackets and more.

PAWS was filled to capacity and within 30 minutes, almost two-thirds of the clothes were sold, according to Egbunine. 

Freshman Titus Adesina said he heard the clothes would be free and decided to go. Freshman Ersel Kizzle took advantage of the free clothing to find a pair of shorts since it is getting warmer. 

Brandon Johnson, one of the Campus Activities Board’s marketing chairs, said the event was “a nice way to attract a diverse body of people and allow them to express themselves creatively.”

Egbunine said that CAB ordered clothing from a wholesale company in England, but the order got delayed. All of the clothing at the event was donated. 

“My mom owns a business in which she donates clothes out of the country, but there was a shipping issue that took place and as a result of that, we instead used those clothes for this event,” he said. 

Johnson said they might do the event again in the future depending on how students seem to like the first one.  

“We got a good crowd, so the way it’s looking, we would want to do something like this again.”


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