Call for more diversity in media

By: Kayla Hunt, Columnist

According to a Hollywood Diversity Report that was released in February 2018, there have been strides to have Hollywood films be more inclusive and diverse.

According to the report, films with casts comprised of 21 percent to 30 percent minorities enjoyed the highest median global box office receipts. It also showed that social media engagement during the 2015-16 season increased for television shows with casts that reflected the diversity of America. Based on these findings, it reveals that consumers are more engaged with media that depicts the version of America they can relate with – a diverse and inclusive one.

Despite what seems to be advancements, some people still feel as though minorities are underrepresented in the media. In a recent interview, Ellen Pompeo, one of the leading stars of Grey’s Anatomy, called for more diversity in Hollywood. Pompeo claimed that it is their responsibility to call for more diversity on projects in Hollywood, and she believes that there is not enough color being seen in the workplace.

Inclusivity is not being called for just in Hollywood, but in media all across the board. Many people feel as though there should be more people of color given roles that are specifically representative of minorities.

Dior is facing backlash after releasing an advertising campaign featuring Jennifer Lawrence in their recent collection that was inspired by female equestrians of Mexico. The brand is being criticized for cultural appropriation because they feel as though a Mexican women could have easily, and more accurately, portrayed the role. The ads were also shot in California and people felt as though the location should have been set in Mexico, since that’s where the inspiration for the campaign is originated.

Although statistics show that people are more interested and involved with media that have a diverse cast, minorities are still being underrepresented. Minorities should be cast more for roles that are not only representing their culture, but also should be casted more for roles that are representing our culture – America.

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