Campus rec brings the thrills

By: Sarah Van Wie, Staff Writer 

Students tackled the “Chills and Thrills” of the Glen Woods Wednesday Night during a spooky, Halloween-themed obstacle course hosted by Campus Rec.

“We are hosting this event to get more people aware of the challenge course,” senior and challenge course manager Jenny Moore said. “We have elements on the course for on-and off-campus groups to come out to develop leadership or team building skills. We want groups to be more aware so they will come out and use it.”

With Halloween decorations all around and hardly any light, challenge course facilitators walked groups or teams around to the eight elements of the on-campus course in the Glen Woods. The elements were meant to challenge each group mentally and physically. After each element was completed by a group, the course facilitator asked questions about what did or did not work and whether it was successful.

One element consisted of each member of the team standing on a platform at the same time. One by one, the teammates swung from one platform to the other. If one teammate were to fall or not make it onto the other platform, the whole team had to start over, until the whole team made it onto the other side.

“I’ve been climbing on stuff since I was a kid,” freshman Cameron Baker said. “I like it, but it was all horizontal, not vertical. I’ve climbed trees as high up [horizontally] as these elements.”

Another element consisted of walking down a tightrope about a foot off the ground, trying to make it all the way across by grabbing on to the few hanging pieces of rope from above while two teammates served as spotters.

“I found it challenging to work with strangers,” senior Megan Taylor said. “But I am a friendly person, so I just let my personality come out and they all liked me, so we became friends and a team. I had a lot of fun.”

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