CBE and Honors College go separate ways

By Marcus Whitman, Staff Writer

Photo by Brendan Felch/ The Towerlight

Beginning this fall, the Honors College will no longer share space in Stephens Hall with the College of Business and Economics. The Honors College is moving to the first floor of the 7800 Building on York Road where the Bill Batemans used to be. 

The Honors College had been roommates with CBE for many, but as both grew larger and needed more space it was decided that the two colleges would go their separate ways.

According to Laura Braddick, Assistant to the Dean for Strategic Communications, the move and changes were planned was about a year in advance.

“The decision to move the Honors College was announced in November 2018,” Braddick said. “The College of Business and Economics began working with TU’s facilities management to plan the renovation of ST 302 in fall 2018. The Honors College moved out of the suite in late May 2019, and construction began in June.”

 The new office construction and moves will be finished by the start of the fall 2019 semester, Braddick said.

According to Terry Cooney, the Rector of the Honors College, it was expected that the college would have to eventually make a move.

“We knew in the longer run the Honors College would probably be asked to move, because the College of Business needed some additional space, and we were the logical space to go,” Cooney said. “And, I think all felt that as long as we moved to a place that was at least equal in facilities and opportunities… it would be fine and of course it would be desirable if we made improvements.”

Cooney also feels that being on the first floor of 7800 York Road Building will allow for better accessibility and makes the college more noticeable than before.

Rihannon Napoli, the Director of Co-Curricular Programs and Constituent Relationships for the

Honors College, said that there are definitely advantages to moving into the new space.

“The upgraded classrooms are going to be wonderful for are students,” Napoli said. “We’re excited to have a nice big space that doesn’t have the challenges we had in Stephens.”

Braddick added that the move will allocate more space for professors who had to share office space or were located in Stephens Annex.

The move will also open up more spaces in Stephens Hall for departments like Business Analytics and Technology Management, the Business Excellence Program, the Department of Finance, and Student Academic and Career Services, Braddick said.

“The new office suite will be able to accommodate every Professional Development

Partner with a private office for advising students,” Braddick said. “The addition of two new rooms dedicated to on-campus interviews will increase the opportunities for hosting employers on campus to connect with students.” 


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