Cehryl travels back in time with her new EP release “time machine”

By: Norma Sorto, Contributing Writer 

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Cehryl, also known as Cheryl Chow, is a 24-year-old singer, songwriter, and producer based in Hong Kong. She is one of the upcoming indie artists to keep an eye out for 2021. She released her new EP, “time machine,” on April 9. 

If you are not familiar with Cehryl discography, it is never too late to start listening to her dreamlike vocals and mixed genre of R&B and indie-pop. Growing up in Hong Kong, Cehrly has always been around music. She listened to Avril Lavigne and Taiwanese pop singer Jay Chou. 

Cehryl gathers her musical inspiration from various artists such as Frank Ocean, Amy Winehouse and Alicia Keys. She started her music career and cultivated her skills as an artist while attending Berklee College of Music in Boston.

With her music, Cehryl explores the complexities of human emotions. Her lyrics are sentimental, which makes it easy for people to relate. She uses surreal melodies in her song that makes you feel relaxed. 

Cehryl’s new EP, “time machine,” captures the feeling of nostalgia and desolation. The EP “time machine” is a memento for Cehryl as she looks back on her years at Berklee. The EP consists of six tracks that showcase Cehryl unique artistry. Before the EP release, she released three singles “philadelphia,” “angels (emily)” and “outside the party, inside the dream.” She also released several music videos on Youtube. 

The song “philadelphia” has a special meaning for Cehryl, and is about her college years where she was able to be carefree and meet new people. 

“Remember when we used to stay on the line? Every day, bad service all the time / Kept you in my pocket when I went outside, Snowstorm, wait, lemme call you back in five,” the lyrics read. 

What I like most about Cehryl is that she is not afraid to share her real emotions. Any artist needs to be sensitive to their art because it reveals a vulnerable side to them. The song “angels (emily)” is about wanting things in life, but it does not go well in the end. In an interview with bandwagon, Cehryl describes “angels” as a “vague feeling of reaching for something, pleading.” 

“What have I got to do, To reach the angels? / What have I got to give, To turn the tables?” the lyrics read. 

As a senior in college, it has been hard for me to adapt to the pandemic because I cannot go back to school in person or hang out with my friends. While listening to Cehryl’s new EP, I find myself reminiscing about my early college years and how I got to create such unforgettable memories. 

I like how I was able to relate to her lyrics. The song that I resonated with the most is “laundry.” It reminds me of when I used to hang out with my friends on campus. 

Overall, the “time machine” EP has to be one of my favorite releases of 2021. I like how Cehryl can use sentimental lyrics to make people feel nostalgic about their past. I’m anticipating seeing what she has in store for future releases, and I hope she releases a second album. 

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