CEO and TU alum writes first book

By: Kerry Ingram, Associate Arts & Life Editor
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A Towson University alum, Skip Prichard, announced the upcoming release of his first book on Jan. 5 via Twitter.

The book, titled “The Book of Mistakes: 9 Secrets to Creating a Successful Future,” falls under the genre of self-help, with its purpose being to assist readers in progressing through their own personal growth and professional development. Prichard, who grew up in Maryland and, according to statements he wrote on his website, was “an unusual kid who listened to motivational seminars and read inspirational books,” views the book as a paper product of what he’s learned throughout his career.

The book is written as an inspirational text, in the gauze of fiction. The main character, David (named after Prichard himself), will go through obstacles that include nine specific mistakes that could prevent him from achieving his goals. With each mistake, David’s story will help the reader to learn how to surpass these obstacles and gain success. Deemed by Prichard as a “success parable,” the book was written to help readers reach their full potential.

“This book is written to motivate individuals to consistently achieve their own high goals,” Prichard said in a recent statement released by his publicist, Megan Grajeda. “Creating results and momentum is only possible when employees take personal accountability. That’s what this book is about.”

Prichard attended Towson University for the first portion of his collegiate career, earning his Bachelor of Science degree before attending the University of Baltimore School of Law.

Upon graduating from Towson, Prichard went on to be a business leader and CEO for various companies, ranging from start-ups to mature businesses that he acquired. Prichard is currently the president and CEO of the Online Computer Library Center (OCLC), a nonprofit technology organization that is dedicated to improving the accessibility of information around the world.

Prichard also works as a keynote speaker, presenting his advice on topics ranging from running corporations to personal development. He has even spoken on the topic of publishing and what the future holds for written forms of communication. His talks and advice have been featured in popular media publications including The New York Times, NPR and Harvard Business Review.

Michael Hyatt, a USA Today bestselling author, shared his liking for Prichard’s new book, stating that it “shines a light on the answer” to the riddle that is success.

“By exploring the nine mistakes most leaders and entrepreneurs make, Skip helps us turn desire, gratitude, and belief into powerful tools for achievement,” Hyatt said.

Bob Burg, a fellow motivational speaker and co-author of the book “The Go-Giver”, also expressed his support for Prichard’s text.

“In this absolutely brilliant book, the author – a noted CEO and highly-regarded business leader – weaves a story that, while greatly entertaining, magnificently educates us with success principles to help us go from where we are to where we want to be,” Burg said. “Definitely buy a copy for every graduate in your life before they step into the real world of business. They will thank you for it!”

“The Book of Mistakes” is available for preorder now through Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Books-a-Million, and Indie Bound, and will be officially released for purchase on Feb. 6.

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