Challenging some conflicting views

By: Dylan Brennan, Columnist 

Before I begin, I would like to say that Kyndall Cunningham is one of the best feminist and African-American columnists The Towerlight has had. Her writing style of defiance is void of aggression and arrogance, something that I should more likely model. Although her last column had a wonderful moral and at least one true example, I found too many half-truths for me to go silent. I’m not trying to interrupt “Uninterrupted,” I’m simply trying to clarify a few things that she may have missed.

For the sake of space, I’ll make this section brief. Yes, Rose McGowan was speaking up against sexual abuse in Hollywood. This was completely fine, and necessary if you ask me. What was not necessary was when McGowan broke Twitter’s Terms of Service by placing private phone numbers of people on her account. That is what got her locked; not for speaking up, but for putting others in danger.

Second, Jemele Hill of ESPN was not suspended for calling out racism; she was suspended because she was calling for a boycott of NFL advertisers on Twitter, which the sports network could not let go unchallenged. Her claim that the president was a white supremacist was not the direct result of her suspension. That happened many weeks beforehand. She has even accepted her fate, saying a few days ago that “I deserved a suspension. … I violated the policy. Going forward, we’ll be in a good, healthy place.”

Lastly, and I hope I’m not alone on this, but former L’Oréal model Munroe Bergdorf is a pathological hate-monger who has only gained power and prestige since her firing. After the events in Charlottesville, she made sure that everyone understood her positions by repeating “Yes ALL white people,” when referring to them being racially violent in a Facebook post. I’m sure Heather Heyer’s family appreciated the notion that even though their white daughter was murdered by a neo-Nazi domestic terrorist, she was still labeled just as racist. Bergdorf has now had many television appearances on BBC, as well as other networks, where she spouts her hate. A few days ago she said in a Facebook post that white people must “admit their race is the most violent and oppressive force of nature on Earth.” I certainly wouldn’t want such a venomous human being in my employ, and I applaud L’Oréal for having the bravery to fire a transgender person of color, knowing how bad that could look for them.   

I’d also like to ask anyone who doesn’t fall to the left on the political spectrum to boycott Twitter. Some conservatives, even centrists like myself, have been persecuted and cast out of Twitter. It’s clear that Twitter is not a welcoming place to most people, and we need to do something about it. 

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