Chatime gets extended stay at Local Restaurant Row

By Sarah Sternhagen, Contributing Writer 

The Taiwanese tea house chain Chatime will have an extended stay at Local Restaurant Row in the University Union after the restaurant partner for the next rotation was not able to join in time.

Chatime will stay until Nov. 21, Aramark Collegiate Hospitality confirmed in an email Monday. They had initially been scheduled to stay until early November, The Towerlight reported

Chatime continues to receive favorable reviews since they opened at the Union. Every week they’ve rotated their menu of 10 teas to give students the chance to try as many of their flavors as possible, according to Chatime owner Jenni Lau.

“I’m just glad that it brings a different variety to the students,” Lau said. “So many students never had a steam bun before. So, for them to try it and like it, or even love it, it means a lot to me.”

Food is not normally sold at Chatime, which has a location uptown on Chesapeake Avenue, but Lau said they decided to offer food for Local Restaurant Row. They hired an Asian baker with 20 years of experience to make the steamed buns, and partnered with the Vietnamese restaurant Pho Bac for the other food items. 

Certain food items have also been rotated to give students a variety of new options.

Local Restaurant Row hosts a rotating lineup of local businesses for a 30-day stay at the Union. 

The next rotation is aimed to begin Nov. 27, Robert Eversole, director of Sustainability & Wellbeing for the Mid-Atlantic Region, said in the email.

Correction: An earlier version of this article said Chatime will be at the Union until Dec. 18. This is incorrect and the date has been updated. The Towerlight regrets this error.


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