Cheers to 2018 and our future endeavors

By: Jordan Cope, Senior Editor 

Hey there, Towson! Welcome back! I hope that you all had an amazing winter break, and are ready to tackle the upcoming spring semester!

I know I speak for our entire editorial board and staff when I say: We are so incredibly excited to be back and bringing you news from campus, and the Towson community. I can promise you that we will do our very best to report the news in an ethically upstanding way, and to strive for 100 percent accuracy. However, we are human and sometimes make mistakes. So if you ever see an error in our reporting, please reach out to us so that we can correct it as soon as possible. In today’s political climate, the freedom and accuracy of our press is more important than it has ever been before.

With that being said, this will be our seniors’ last, first production day. It’s an incredibly weird feeling for me. Since my freshman year, I’ve been part of The Towerlight family, and it is a sad feeling that my time here is coming to an end so fast.

Driving into the office this morning, I flashed back to my first semester of college when I was just a contributing writer on the sports staff. The sports editor at the time — Matt Hamilton — was an incredible mentor to me, and I wouldn’t be in the position that I am today without his guidance and support.

I also wouldn’t be where I am today without former editor-in-chief Cody Boteler, and former senior editor Sam Shelton. Under their leadership, I learned how much hard work and internal drive it takes to be a journalist.

I’d also like to thank two professors who had a tremendous influence on me. Elia Powers and Ron Snyder were always there for me to bug when I had a question about reporting. Not only that, they brought out the best in me as a student-journalist with their incredible knowledge and wisdom.

Finally, I would like to thank my family for all of their love and support along the way, especially my beautiful mother. She once told me that I would be running the paper one day, and although I didn’t quite make it to that steppingstone, I got further than I ever thought I would.

To everyone else who was there for me — you know who you are — and I can’t thank you enough.

So to all my seniors, not just at The Towerlight, but at Towson University: Here’s to a great last semester, and to our future endeavors.


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