Coming soon: Towson Time Machine

By: Morgan Schmidt, Columnist

If you’re anything like me, you cocked your head to the side in confusion when you heard that the Towson mascot’s name was “Doc.” Seems kind of random, doesn’t it?

Have you ever wondered what the library looked like in the summer of 1969? Or what happened to the freshman tradition of having a Ye Old English Dinner? As time passes, things change. As things change, they are forgotten.

What if there was a place you could visit each week to discover interesting things about Towson’s past? Let’s put a little gold into the black and white.

The culture of Towson is what brought many of you here – it’s the reason I just recently registered for my third semester of classes! The traditions and values held by our institution are a reflection of the student body and it’s been that way since the 30s!

Stay tuned each Thursday, when we’ll go back in time and take a peek into what campus life was like all those years ago.


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