Commentary on Hillary Clinton’s Women for Women conference

By: Dylan Brennan, Columnist

Once again, we see Hillary Clinton in last week’s Women for Women conference. However, with one of the most in-the-bag supporters of Clinton’s campaign interviewing Clinton, it almost immediately became all about her infamously failed presidential run. Being the cynic that I am, all I saw after the interview were headlines that said, “Clinton takes ‘absolute personal responsibility’ about loss.” The problem is, she doesn’t. Her entire interview was feather bedded with either blaming FBI Director James Comey, blaming Russia, or, with host Christiane Amanpour’s instigation, misogyny.

I’ll start off with the last point, since I could see it in her eyes that Clinton didn’t want to talk about that. Very wise of her. A major tenant of her entire campaign was identity politics, the most hated of all the politics. People don’t like it when we’re told, ‘don’t vote for me just because I’m a woman,’ but two seconds later are told, ‘if you don’t vote for me, you hate women,’ whether it be from her, her surrogates, or her zealot supporters. And that whole misogyny line doesn’t really work when according to exit polls, of the white women who voted, 53 percent of them voted for Trump, does it? Yes, yes, I know all about the terrible things Trump and his supporters said about women, but I don’t know how anyone can truly believe that that’s the main reason she lost (like Mel Robbins of CNN who wrote a 1200 word piece saying just that), given all her other problems.

As for the other two points, I’ll bundle them both in the dirty laundry package. You, Hillary Clinton, were the one who dirtied that laundry, and when someone else airs it outside your private domain, people get a whiff of it. Politics and conspiracies aside, the information was of your craft, not theirs. All they did was show everyone the skeletons in your closet. You’re blaming people telling on you rather than yourself for perpetrating whatever you said and did.  Benghazi, Wall Street, emails, your campaign’s arrogance and hubris with the words taken from your words and the words of your campaign staff, the bad reputation of the Clinton Foundation — all of these were under your watch or guidance.

You’re in the denial stage of grief, Madam Secretary. You claim you only blame yourself, but it’s quite evident that’s the only thing you said incriminating yourself. Why don’t you blame yourself for calling half of America deplorable? Why don’t you blame yourself for ignoring the rust belt because you thought they’d blindly vote for you? Why don’t you blame yourself for spending nearly a month having your minions waging war on a cartoon frog? There’s an infinite amount of reasons why you lost, and most are just because of you. If you want to look for people to blame, try a mirror.


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