Compostable cups come to TU

By: Natalie Bland, Contributing Writer

At the Cook Library Starbucks, you can have your drink and compost it, too.

As part of a pilot program involving a “Green Out” initiative, drinks served at the Starbucks location are now compostable.

“I want [students] to know about the pilot and know about the cups,” Green Out marketing specialist and Phi Mu member Kelly Zindel said. “I want them to know to always check your cup to see if they’re compostable or determine if they’re recyclable or go to a landfill.”

On March 13, Zindel and other volunteers from the Phi Mu sorority tabled to promote composting practices and educate students about what can be recycled.

Students were encouraged to sign a pledge to recycle and play a game with various Starbucks items in order to learn about proper recycling and composting procedures. Participants could win a free Starbucks mug. Students were also encouraged to take a picture on Snapchat using the Go Green geotag to promote the initiative.

Products marked with numbers one through seven in a triangle printed on them may be recyclable, but it is best to consult local recycling plants for specific instructions to ensure the proper materials get recycled.

“I thought it was very informative,” student participant Caitlin McQuade said. “I wasn’t too sure about the numbers six and seven for recycling and it was interesting to find out seven was compost.”

This initiative is also contributing to the RecycleMania recycling competition. Students can contribute to the competition by recycling items and placing the correct objects in compost bins through April 1.

As of week five, Towson was ranked 79th in its division, with a recycling rate of 38 percent.

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