Connecting with your passions

By: Annie Sragner, Associate Arts and Life Editor

The end of the semester is in sight, which provides an ending and a new beginning. When school, work and life demands so much from us, we can lose touch with who we are as true beings and where we’re going.

Sometimes the ambiguity tied in with the future can leave us feeling lost. There are infinite possible ways we can spend our remaining days on earth, and this puts pressure on how we spend our time. Circumstances can change priorities, and passions can take a back seat when other things become more pressing.

So when this summer arrives, the luxury of free time may come with it; time to relax, regroup and refocus your perspective on the journey. But if the restriction of a busy life intrudes, the freedom to connect with why we do the things we do every day might be stolen.

Although school may be almost out, I have one final assignment for every person reading this column. I want you to take a few minutes to consider what you truly enjoy in life. What does your mind drift toward subconsciously? What activities bring you real joy and happiness?

I did this assignment last summer, and I remembered how much I love having thought-provoking conversations with others. I love talking about humanity and the universe while actively engaging my mind.

I started keeping a list of conversation topics I love having with others and I eventually found comfort in the realization of my interests. In the midst of a crazy streak of busy life, I found a connection to who I was and what I really enjoy.

At the time, I had been writing for the Towerlight for a few weeks and I really liked both the experience and the people I worked with. So at the beginning of the fall semester, I presented the list of topics I compiled over the summer to my editor and the editor in chief, and asked for my own column.

They were on board right away, and that week The Big Picture was born. I was shocked they were so into it, and it just reminded me that I was on the right track. Also learned that day: you don’t get what you don’t ask for.

This column brings me so much joy and I look forward to writing it every week. I feel that my life has conjured purpose in the process of getting myself and others to think outside the box. This past year of my life has been the best one so far. I really feel connected to who I am and to what I’m supposed to be doing.

Life can be meaningful and worthwhile, because it’s 100% yours. Be kind to yourself and remember who you’ve been, who you are, and who you’ll be.

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