Conquering obstacles with the mind

By: Annie Sragner, Assistant Arts and Life Editor

The mind is able to conquer and solve most challenges that it is faced with. In most practical circumstances, one can take a terrible situation and make it better, if he or she believes that they can. This mental exercise is known as manifestation.  The phenomenon of manifestation is almost like a super power that we often forget about or take for granted. When exposed to overwhelming stimuli, the body immediately goes into fight or flight mode, as directed by the decision-making function of the brain. When the fate of the bodily experience is at the mercy of the mind, it is important to have a good grasp of it.

Take outside temperature for example. On a cold day, the mind has the ability to overcome the matter of chilliness, if applied properly. One can respond to this situation by thinking “I’m freezing and this physically hurts my body,” or conversely, “There is cold air hitting my skin, but my body is warm.” The latter provides an optional way of perceiving the situation if the person deciding acknowledges that there are other ways of handling it. The body reacts to the thoughts that command it.

We have voluntary control over our bodies that also applies in the external world. For example, if you know there is a test coming up and you picture yourself succeeding while studying, chances are you will reach that goal more directly. If you live and act as if something is in the process of happening, it will come to be if constructed. In most cases, you are the only person stopping your potential.

Outlook is what turns abstract ideas into concrete reality. If you go into that test thinking about how hard the content is, or your possible inability to recall that information, the test is essentially already failed. Remind yourself to see all opportunities, and take the most honorable route to success.

People wonder what the secret to achievement is and they look to others who have it for inspiration.   What is it?  How do I get it? Through that, individual singular manifestation becomes plural and that is when big changes can show up. One spark of inspiration can easily go viral if brought to attention. The belief that we have the capability to change our world inevitably gets noticed by others.

Big movements often start with one person and grow as more people collect. Woodstock started with one guy with a vision of a great concert that manifested into a cultural shift out of war-time darkness. Darwin started with a hunch of how we got here and changed the face of science. Even smartphones started with one idea of how to improve communication and now they’re everywhere. Harness your vision and your ability to make it real and imagine how you’ll feel.

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