Cosmic models: Modelz of Distinction holds planetary show

By: Alaina Tepper, Staff Writer

Featuring out-of-this-world fashion designs and planetary inspiration, Towson modeling group Modelz of Distinction (MOD) held a Galactic Invasion April 2.

“We’re going to take you to various planets, and eventually we’re going to land on one planet called Planet Slay, where MOD will be a big invasion,” freshman and MOD treasurer Brandon White explained.

Starting on Earth, the show progressed throughout both the planets and the sun of the solar system as the models searched for a stylish, model-filled planet to call their home.

“It’s different, but that’s good because you hear the same things all the time, so I like it,” freshman and model Ashley Gross said.

According to president Jasmine Green, MOD worked with sponsoring designers to gather clothes for their show.

“I’m excited to see them wear my clothes and come up with this dope choreography with it,” designer Tyler Kirkland said.

From a swimsuit line to galactic gala-wear, the models showcased pieces from designers such as DaJon Johnson, Katrease Kirby and Aaron Handy.

Following the presentation of his or her design, each designer also came out on the runway with the models.

To enhance the galactic theme of the evening, DJ One Way’s space jams kept the party going while light-up alien balloons lined the runway.

“Tonight’s theme was very creative and I like how we could bring it alive with our makeup and our hair,” freshman model Kenija Jones said.

The show was publicized throughout the preceding week to introduce MOD Week. The group hosted events such as a cake sale, a lip sync battle and wild style Wednesday.

“We come together as an executive board and we create the show’s theme just going off of ideas from Pinterest and ideas from the team collectively,” Green said. “We pretty much work all together to put this on.”

The show also included audience interaction to keep the energy up all night long.

Host Michael Frimpong engaged the audience by leading a competition to sing the next lyrics to a song, starting a parent dance-off and conducting an alumni runway walk.

“My man Mike has been doing a great job hosting and filling in the breaks,” senior Nonzo Francis said.

After final walks, Green announced the new board members, including her successor for the next year.

“It’s bittersweet,” Green said. “There are great things to come and a bright future ahead of this team as well as myself, but it’s also saddening because it’s like I’m passing down my baby to a whole new group.”

To celebrate one of her last MOD shows, the team had a special surprise for Green.

After the announcement of the new board members, the models brought out balloons, a cake and a crown for Green. She gave her final walk of the show to Rihanna’s “Work” while wearing her new crown.

For more events from Modelz of Distinction, check out their next runway show, May 15.

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