Course Evaluations open

By: Nilo Exar, Staff Writer

Course evaluations for Fall 2014 classes went live Nov. 27 and will remain open to students until Dec. 10. These course evaluations help professors learn how they are doing with a specific course and what improvements students generally think would enhance the class.

Course evaluations are anonymous, and professors will see the results of the survey without any identifying factors attached. Instructors will not even have access to the results of the evaluations until they have submitted their final grades.

The evaluations are meant to take about 5-10 minutes, with most taking closer to five minutes. To complete course evaluations, students should go to and log in using their Blackboard or PeopleSoft login. Each class will appear on the student’s dashboard once they’ve logged in. After each evaluation is completed, they will appear under “completed evaluations.”

Students had mixed responses to course evaluations, in general.

“I am very likely to fill out the course evaluations,” freshman mass communications major Alicia Reynolds said. “They need to know my honest opinion in how they are doing as a professor.”

Freshman mass communications major Sydney Yelity-Paul said she doesn’t like to fill them out just because they were too much of a hassle.

“I’m not very likely to fill them out, mostly because I get bored, but they are important so teachers know how to improve,” Yelity-Paul said. “I would [fill them out] if they were shorter.”

Regardless, the University encourages students to participate in order to provide comprehensive feedback and to better classes, as these evaluations are one of the only ways professors can gain actual feedback.

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