Critical results of stereotyping

By: Kayla Hunt, Columnist 

“Stereotyping is a normal cognitive process that is often automatic and that saves on the time and effort required to get a handle on people individually,” Wayne Weiten wrote in his psychology textbook “Themes and Variations.”

How is it that Western societies are always deemed as individualistic, but most of our current social norms have only been constructed due to collectivism? Stereotypes seem to be considered a “normal cognitive process” because they have been a social norm that have been set in stone for years.

Weiten explains that stereotyping occurs because it is easier to make generalized assumptions of one’s character based on their gender, race or sexual orientation than it is to come to your own conclusion of an individual.

Stereotyping requires less energy. This is no surprise given that Western societies are also deemed to be lazy. Why must inhabitants of Western societies face discrimination from social factors due to others’ laziness?

This is unjust. Stereotyping can result in critical consequences because of someone’s laziness. Many people face gender stereotyping when it comes to securing a job because of people’s laziness. How is it that people can be overqualified for a position, but not get hired because their name is spelled a certain way or because of the color of their skin?

People should not have to face discrimination because others will not take the time to perceive an individual based on their character and personality alone.

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