Dancing queens

By: Christine LaFrancesca, Staff Writer

Last Thursday emcee and coordinator Shawna Alexander, dressed in a purple velvet dress and pink feather boa, hosted the 2015 Drag Show, presented by In the Life and Black Student Union (BSU).

“I love that all you kids get together and put this together every year,” Alexander said. “Towson kids always show us a good time and come welcoming us with open arms.”

Alexander is a seasoned drag queen in the Baltimore area, and often hosts drag shows on the first Sunday of every month at The Rowan Tree.

“Bring everyone out,” Alexander said. “Bring your mom, your dad, brother, cousin, whoever. We want as many people as we can get to come out. Spreading the positive energy is infectious and we want to give everyone a magnificent show.”

Many students were excited to see tall heels, extravagant make-up and, of course, the drag queen “death drop.”

“I’ve heard of this thing called the ‘death drop,’” freshman Savannah Rose said. “I’ve seen it in videos before, but I really want to see someone do it.”

The ‘death drop’ is a dance move in which the individual goes into a half split where the front leg extends straight in front of the dancer, and the back leg bends behind them while they lean their torso back toward the ground.

Miss Cherry opened the show, and came out in a teal and white printed dress while dancing to Beyonce’s “7/11.” The next couple of queens following Miss Cherry were Anastasia Bella Donna and Brooklyn Heights.

“I love that Brooklyn Heights came out to ‘No Flex Zone,’” Rose said. “That’s one of my favorite songs.”

Aaliyah Perez, co-host for the evening and historian for the Black Student Union, was excited with the turn out for this year’s drag show and hopes to be able to collaborate with Queer Student Union and In the Life for other projects in the future.

“Working with them has been incredible and I’m really happy that BSU had the opportunity to help with such a fun event,” Perez said.

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