“Deadpool” breaks the mold: Ryan Reynolds film brings violence, laughs

By: Kyle Casey, Staff Writer

Superhero movies are often great appeal-to-the-masses flicks. These films hone in on heroic protagonists who become iconic figures for the audience, making fans idolize the protagonists.

But then there is “Deadpool,” which is far from your average hero film. The new Deadpool movie is anything but your typical superhero film.

For starters, Deadpool is just about the complete opposite of a superhero. If anything, his rampant killing and give-no-damn attitude essentially make him a villain.

The newest Marvel film does a complete 180 on the typical plot of average person obtains super powers, newly appointed hero encounters evil, hero saves the day and protects humanity.

Aside from the fact that Wade Wilson (Ryan Reynolds) goes from average guy to nearly indestructible man, the plot of Deadpool hardly follows the typical storyline of a comic book film, and for the best.

With raunchy scenes and a slew of not-so-kid-friendly four-letter words from the leading character, Deadpool becomes a superhero that only operates in the best interest of himself, not others. He is on a tour of vengeance to overcome his villain, Francis, who ruined (or improved?) Wilson’s life and kidnapped his girlfriend.

Deadpool does not care about saving others; his sole purpose is kicking some ass, winning back his love and pleasing the crowd in the process.

From the “R” rating, to the increased level of violence, drug references, and frequent use of the f-word that seems to rival that of “Wolf of Wall Street,” the film is the most unique comic book movie to ever hit theaters.

Reynolds revived his career in the performance of a lifetime as Deadpool.

His immature tone of voice, masterfully delivered lines and bonafide cool costume were the perfect storm for the casting of the role.

Twentieth Century Fox and Reynolds teamed up to change the game of comic book movies. They worked to find a way to give fans the typical underlying themes and action of a comic book film, while throwing in Grade-A comedy and violence.

The film can appeal to just about anyone of age.

It hardly relies on the fantasies of comic book films, but rather produces the ultimate blend of every movie category into one. There is drama, action, violence, comedy and romance all bottled up into one jam-packed film.

And unlike many other comic book films, this one fails to drag at any point.

The pace and length (less than two hours) make for a smooth-sailing viewing experience.

If there is a drawback to the film, it lies in the decision to use Colossus as Deadpool’s key comrade.

Colossus, like Deadpool, stems from the X-Men universe, and is essentially just a large man made of steel.

The introduction of Colossus in the film, and his relation to Deadpool, blow by much too quickly.

He plays a key role in the final third of the film, but it feels as if the movie could have been better off without the inclusion of Colossus. This is just one opinion, but Colossus is a pretty lame character. Nonetheless, “Deadpool” is fairly defunct of flaws.

Reynolds hilariously pokes fun at previous failed comic book film attempts, and there is even an enjoyable Wolverine stab at the end of the film.

For comic book movie fans and non-fans alike, this film will likely turn out to be one of the most enjoyable experiences at a movie theater this year. I give this film 9.75 out of 10 stars.

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