Democratic voters need to step up now

By: Tyrone Barrozo, Columnist

Despite what fellow university colleagues might say about current Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders online, nobody came out to the polls for Super Tuesday. So, the real news story this week is that Sanders’ opponent, former vice president Joe Biden, won Super Tuesday, making him the front runner to win the Democratic nomination. In short, Sanders’ supporters have failed for the second time to get their candidate to the grand stage and I, for one, am not surprised.

I’m not here to discuss the science or to analyze the statistics relating to this outcome. I’m here to simply call for some sort of change. It pains me to have to waste ink and paper to do this but, apparently, even after the internal disaster that happened in 2016 which resulted in an election that could be best somewhat as a fight between two evils.

With the 2020 election coming up, my biggest priority as a young voter is to make sure that the current president does not serve a second term. As an international representative of the US, he’s just made the American population look like complete fools at the expense of occasional Twitter memes. 

I would like for my country to start acting and representing itself as an international superpower that can sustain itself but can also act benevolently and assist their allies in times of need rather than abandoning them. And, as I’ve said in a previous piece, Biden is not the DNC’s best option if they want to take the White House.

Now I want my fellow Millennials and those part of Generation Z to acknowledge their fault. The country could be doomed to four more years of a Trump administration because nobody comes out and votes for the change that they often preach about. So, when I hear someone eventually say that this upcoming election gives them déjà vu, I’ll simply scoff. Just because things seem bleak and the establishment seems corrupt, it does not hurt at all to take a sick day and exercise your right to vote and express yourself in that respect.

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