Democrats need to take responsibility for Baltimore City

By: Matthew Pipkin, Columnist

1942. This was the last year that there was a Republican city councilman representing a district within the city of Baltimore. That is a whopping 77 years since a Republican even had a seat at the table to discuss issues in Baltimore from the city council. And the last time there was a Republican mayor in Baltimore? 1967. So in total, Republicans have been completely out of the equation in Baltimore for an astonishing 52 years. Fifty-two years of practically a single-party system for the city. So please tell me Democrats, what do you have to show for it?

Mayor Catherine Pugh seems to have embraced what it means to be the head of a city with no checks and balances. While most of the country has had their eyes glued to CNN awaiting the results of the Mueller Report, one needs to only look at the most recent edition of the Baltimore Sun to see what true corruption looks like. It seems that the mayor of Baltimore, who is on the board for the University of Maryland Medical System, had no issue selling $500,000 worth of books to the system while on the board. It is reported that some of that money has been used to directly contribute to her campaigns from both her time in the state senate and as mayor. Is she sorry for what she did? Nope. In fact, the mayor seemed quite proud of the work she had done. Pugh was quoted in a statement, stating “Despite all that has happened, I am glad that the important messages in the book reached our city’s children.” Not sure if all the city’s children got that message, as approximately 8,700 of her books currently languishes in a warehouse.  

This is nothing short of textbook corruption on the part of Pugh. But honestly, what else should we expect from a mayor of Baltimore? Sheila Dixon, who became infamous for stealing gift cards that were reserved for the poor, nearly won her reelection in 2016 against Pugh. This sort of corruption happens when there is not a viable opposition party to keep them honest. It’s upsetting to see the city in the state that it is, but what can a Republican like me do? It’s been over 50 years since a Republican had any direct say in Baltimore affairs. And with the political climate the way it is today, I doubt anyone in Baltimore is seeking any Republican opinions at the moment. So, Maryland Democrats, it falls back to you. Are you going to continue to condone this sort of corruption in Maryland’s largest city? Are you that apathetic to where you won’t publicly condemn this? Will Maryland Democratic Chairwoman Maya Rockeymoore Cummings speak out, or is she too busy with calling Larry Hogan a racist? It’s your city, Democrats. Do something about it.

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