Demonstrate hatred, hear us roar.

By: Meghan Hudson Arts & Life Editor
Courtesy of Omosalewa Adebusuyi


I think we can agree last week’s Trendy Farewell left us all a bit teary eyed. Kerry began this column two years ago, expressed her genius, and left the door open to even more opportunity on her way out.

Hi there, Meghan speaking, the new Arts & Life Editor. The goal of Trendy Tiger has left me feeling inspired for its future. Trends incorporate every string of conversation that one may pursue. Latest makeup trends, political trends, fashion trends, the list goes on.

Let’s dive right in.

Let’s address two things right off the bat: one, it’s Towson’s pride week! Two, Towson students, by the dozens, gathered together outside of Center for the Arts last week in protest of some discriminatory and offensive demonstrators.

We all know that Towson University contains designated public use spaces. We have heard demonstrators with loud speakers, we have seen them with large signs, and we have kept walking.

Here’s what’s in:

Speaking up. The anti-LGBTQ, anti-women, racist and ridiculous claims these demonstrators projected do not represent the beliefs of the Towson community- clearly. All it takes is just one person to step forward to inspire someone else to do the same. The support that the community showed towards those whom were discriminated against, means more than words can describe.

Mental Health is important, it is real, and these words are damaging. Let’s not underplay the significant impact that messages of hatred have on mental health. To speak up doesn’t mean to change one’s point of view, or to become aggressive. What it is, is a successful method in creating a more inclusive and accepting environment, by addressing hatred head first, and telling it to move on.

Here’s what’s not in:

Messages of hate. University is a place where people go to learn, not to have their lives invalidated. While everyone is entitled to their own opinions, it is not cool to go out of your way to make someone feel discriminated against, “public use space” and all. Think about the consequences of your actions before you speak.

Freedom Square is a place for students to promote dialogue, discussion, and deliberation on issues of civic concern. Current events both on the national level or even only pertaining to Towson University are excellent examples of events that may incite civic concern. That being said, an individual’s personal identification is not your concern. This is a place for promotion, not degradation.

In honor of pride week, I close with this message: You are valid, you are supported, you are respected, and you deserve to be here.

Let’s continue to be the example for universities whom lack the same supportive community that TU has.

Wow, we really dived in this week, didn’t we? Until next time, Meg.

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