DIAR to host panel Nov. 3

By: Cody Boteler, Senior Editor

Student Launch Pad and the Division of Innovation and Applied Research will host an event called “Why Innovation & Entrepreneurship Matter to Fortune 500 Companies” Nov. 3 in Paws Café.

Representatives from Under Armour, Target and Amazon will be panelists at the event.

Organizers said that the event would serve to enlighten students about the importance of entrepreneurship and act as a career development opportunity for students.
The panel will focus on how to grow networks, why constant innovation is important, how to be entrepreneurial without starting a business and what it means to work for a business “that encourages your ideas.”

Stephanie Chin, program coordinator for the TU Incubator within the DIAR, is in charge of planning the event.

She said that she’s in charge of marketing and student outreach. She’s also in the “unique position” of interacting with business professionals, entrepreneurs and students.
“With the support and collaboration of my team, we’ll hopefully be able to bring together a lot of our community stakeholders, TU students, and students from area schools as well,” Chin said.

Chin said students in the entrepreneurship program will gain insight in how major organizations operate and innovate.

“Prospective employees and job seekers will learn how these skills, being entrepreneurial and innovative, can help them throughout their careers, regardless of whether they work for an employer or themselves, and students will be able to grow their networks and learn how to be more involved with entrepreneurship at Towson University,” Chin said.

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