Divisive election for the ages in U.S.

By: Dylan Brennan, Columnist 

There were too many topics to pick from this week, most were extremely controversial and would take far too long to fit into a concise column. So instead of discussing the extremely complex situation of the Democratic National Convention allegedly rigging the election against Bernie Sanders, or the endless social experiment of the “It’s Okay to be White” posters, I will pick a very simple reflection of the past year.

About the time that this column goes to press, it will be about one year since election night when Donald Trump became our president-elect. As was expected, my Roll Call partner at the time talked about the slim probability of Trump winning the election. He even noted swing states on a printed map. I, on the other hand, knowing how truly vicious some on the left can be, wrote a column about why people would vote Trump. I implied that Trump voters weren’t all horrid monsters that the left portrayed them to be. However, I had to rebuff that statement the next week. Many people acted like the world was ending, and some were increasing hatred and violence against Trump voters, or anyone who didn’t vote for Hillary.

So I ask you to reflect on last year’s political life: Did you say or do anything you regretted a year later? Did you join a group that later became glorified or vilified? Do you think all of these rallies and protests did more harm, or good? Do you still think of Trump as you did a year ago? Have you made or lost friends over the past year because of the election? Do you find your past self a fool or ahead of the curve?

I just want you to reflect on yourself. I’m sure we all did, and said some stupid things in the heat of the moment. Lord knows I have; especially off the record – to quote Donald Trump, ‘believe me.’ I have seen this election destroy foundations and ties between everything from friendships, to codes of ethics, to the law itself. I’m a touch disappointed I didn’t show up to the protests the following week after the election, as I had classes to attend (in hindsight, it wasn’t that important of a class at the end of the day) and of course my statements made to the local news people were never shown because I’m not some rabble-rouser activist. But this article isn’t for me. It mostly goes out to those who did attend that and potentially other rallies, either for or against.

Nothing would make me happier than to see a letter to the editor next week about this topic. So, if you wish to throw your hat into the ring of history, I welcome it with open arms! Here’s to hoping we never have an election this divisive again!

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