An open letter if you didn’t support Trump: “Do not despair!”

To all of my friends supporting Donald Trump. Congratulations on the most historic upset in political history.

To all of my other friends who are undoubtedly devastated. In the words of the immortal Charlie Chaplin… “Do not despair!”

The good of humanity sometimes wavers, but it is never extinguished. No villain, nor fool, nor instrument of ignorance and evil can take away the good in us. “Do not despair!”

Millions of people are in an incredible amount of pain tonight. They are afraid. And I understand why. I too am afraid, but I am also finding new courage within myself. I refuse to become a cynic. I refuse to run away from my obligations to my country and the people in it that I love. I tell myself, and I implore you all. “Do not despair!”

You might ask, how can one be afraid and courageous all at once? To that I say this. Courage is not the absence of fear, it is the ability to face it with vigor. I will face the next 4 years with vigor, because I must. We all must. We cannot give up. “Do not despair!”

For there has been an awakening these past few years. We now challenge gender norms, racial inequality and sexual repression in ways that are the pride of our generation. A generation which just suffered a devastating defeat. We lost this battle. But I am so excited to fight this war. And you should be too. “Do not despair!”

I want each and every one of you who worked so hard for justice, equality and civility to hold your heads up high. I am so incredibly proud of you, as is Hillary Clinton and President Obama and Bernie Sanders. You fought for what you believe in. “Do not despair!”

If we stand together. If we stay strong. And perhaps most importantly, if we trust one another; we can live to see better days when we look back on this moment and smile at how far we’ve come. “Do not despair!”

For despair is the enemy of inspiration. Together, we can inspire one another to win this war. Together we can overcome any defeat, any obstacle, any challenge. For the record shows that through the onslaught of bigotry, fear, deceit and despair; love, courage and kindness have always prevailed. Albeit sometimes at a a great cost.

I will not despair. I will not give up. I will not run away. I am staying right here. I am going to continue to fight for what I and so many of you believe in… Who’s with me?


Matt Teitelbaum

Proud American and Vice President of the College Democrats of Maryland.

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